Is it really just a haircut? Do I go short or do I keep it long – hairstyle 2011?

Saturday, January 08, 2011

My husband has known me only with long, straight, dark brown/black hair style. Once in a while I change my hair style: Cut with layers, side-swept bangs, parted on the right, the left or the middle – but always shoulder length, if not longer.

Whenever I can, I tie my hair in a pony tail (which my husband dislikes), and once in a while in pig tails.

But the past few weeks, the thought of having a pixie hair cut or a really short hair style had been occupying my busy mind. (Especially after seeing Carey Mulligan at Wall Street Never Sleeps.)

I know that my head is a lot bigger and my face a lot wider, but a short hair cut is appealing – less time to dry and style.  The last time I had my hair really short was 27 years ago when I was 20 years old and 15 pounds lighter.

When I was 40, I had it really long.

I figured before I turn 50 in a little over 3 years, I might as well try a new hair style that’s totally drastic because after that, as my husband would say,
     “Honey, the implied warranty on our marriage contract states that we both maintain our physical appearance. No major alterations without the other partner’s consent. ”

So I checked, our ketubah (marriage certificate) that’s framed and hanging in our den says,

      This is my beloved; This is my friend.

      And each said to the other: “I promise to share with you in times of joy as in times of trouble. To talk and to listen, to honor and to appreciate you, to provide for and support you in trust and in love. I take you to be mine according to the law. I promise to share my hopes and thoughts and dreams with you. I will work with you to build our lives together. May we grow, our lives forever intertwined, our love bringing us closer. Let us create a home for us and our children based on love, and on honesty. May it be a home filled with peace, with happiness, and with love.”

I didn’t see anything about hair….(maybe it’s written in fine print that my poor eyes couldn’t decipher!)

But it’s just hair, right?

And after over a decade of teasing my husband about the “pixie hair style”, he said,
      “Honey, buy a wig."

I said,
      “A wig? You gotta be kidding!
       Me? Big head. Big, round face.
       Tried that when I used to work at a Beauty Supply store – and I didn’t look human at all!”

So he said,
     “Okay, go ahead.”


So earlier this morning, I spent the first few hours of the morning checking out pictures from the past of me having short hair and compared to them when I had longer hair….

And now I’m having second thoughts.

So I called my friend-hairdresser. And her response,
    “Oh boy! You must be going through some major hormonal changes!
      But if you really want to – just bring a few pictures next week when you come.
      But I’m telling you, I did it before and I regretted it. You have such beautiful long
      hair and that hair will not grow as fast as you think it will. Our hair grows about ½
     an inch every month, if we’re lucky…So think it hard and decide before I snap it all off!

So after all that, I still don’t know what to do. (I’m leaning towards keeping the long hair!)

Isn’t it interesting that as you get older, trivial decision like a hair cut isn’t that trivial anymore?
I guess I can just fantasize having Carey Mulligan's cool and sassy hair style,

or just maybe..

just this once...

Have a great weekend everyone and keep smiling :)

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  1. Cut your hair! It IS just hair and I am sure that you will look great!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Keep your beautiful hair and buy a short, sassy great wig for the days you want a change. When I was your age, I had some great wigs for those days when I wanted a change.
    Short hair isn't easier and on really bad days, you can't put it up - There is no up with short!
    If you cut your hair, you will start to notice all the women with long, straight hair (which is really in now), and wonder why you didn't keep yours.
    Also, you look younger and sexier with that great hair that you have.
    Just look at the pictures with an open mind, and you will see that long is a better look for you.

    Ugh, winter!! It does nutty things to our head - eat some apple pie and ice cream instead!

    Love you honey, Mom

  3. Dear JenJen, my body and face are WAYYYYYYY wider than yours and I have short hair! (The fact that my hair would never grow any further than almost shoulder length is a factor, I admit.)

    The nice thing about hair is that it will grow back. Donate your cut hair to the charity that collects it - that will make you feel good!

    My opinion: I think you would look adorable with short hair.

  4. Felicia, when and if I cut my hair, I will definitely donate it. Thanks for reminding me about that! And thank you...Let's see what happens.

  5. I'm in the same boat as you. My hair is long and straight. It goes past my shoulders and I'm itching to do something daring with it. I'm thinking short hair would be a nice change. I'm not sure if I'm daring enough and I'm pretty sure my husband likes it long:) He has never known me with short hair and the one time I cut it to my shoulders he thought it was short. BUT, he is not the one dealing with it. Good luck and can't wait to see a picture with your new hair style. No matter what you do, I'm sure you will still look fabulous!

  6. Hmm, if you do it, go all the way to really pixie and never halfway in between. :)

  7. I was going to say donate, too if you choose to chop. I'm the reverse... after college, I chopped my hair and pretty much kept it short except when I got engaged. I grew it out for the wedding, but 3 days after the wedding, I got it cut so short, my husband was in a bit of a shock. It is only recently, as I'm getting older than I've been keeping it long. Go for it Jen... it will grow back and I'll bet you'll look even younger than you do now!

  8. @sosopie, I couldn't do it. I experimented on how it would look like and it wasn't pretty so I am keeping it kinda long - while I still can.

  9. funny I should stumble across this now. I've had long hair for about 7 years now. (I'm 23 now) And as much as I love it I'm also thinking about cutting it. Into the short pixie cut as well. when I told my mum how short I was cutting it, she said I shouldn't do it because basically by doing that I was telling everyone to f- off!! And that if I'm looking for a man that they would go for women with longer hair over those with short. Well geez mom thanks for that lift. I've noticed you decided not to cut it for now, now I'm wondering the same thing! What do you think?

  10. Hi 10Yen,
    You're young! It all depends on what you feel comfortable. I was almost getting my hair cut but then I decided it's better shoulder-length. I even cut my bangs - and I wished I kept it longer.. Do what you feel comfortable doing ..but if you cut your hair, donate it!
    Thanks for the visit!


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