NOW is the only time you ever have... Go outside, you'll be happier

Saturday, March 19, 2011

As parents, we do what we think is best – and hope that our children will grow up happy for who they are.

With four children, my husband and I deal with four different personalities. Each one has their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. As parents, we try to recognize and nurture their interests and talents.

There are tasks that we don’t get to attend to, tasks that we love to put off until the last minute -- which leads to panic and anxiety.

All my children have various interests. They lead a hectic schedule, but school still remains a priority.

So when homeworks and projects are put off until the last hour, there’s always chaos in our household.
There’s one phrase that we keep reminding our children:

NOW is the only time you ever have.
So do it now, don’t put it off.
Later is not something you have the luxury of
And yesterday had already gone.
NOW is the only time you ever possess – so complete your task today, not in 5 minutes – but NOW!

Winter had been really cold, luckily SPRING seems to be around the corner.

Although, as my husband says,  "March is a tricky month."
Yesterday was a lovely, sunny day -- a perfect day to run, a perfect day to be outside.

In one of our walks to school, my 10yo commented,

“Mom, you know you have to start running again.”

“Why?” I asked. (I thought he would say that I was starting to gain weight)

“You’ll be happier. ”

“Am I not happy now?”

“Mom, I said HAP-PI-ER. Of course you’re happy. I just know that you are happier when you get to go outside."

So yesterday afternoon, my husband and I ran to town and back...and yes, we were happier!
(And later that day, we played basketball with our 10yo and his friends)

REMINDER: Today is the deadline to enter the Family Dance Off Contest.

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  1. Josh has the wisdom of a sage -
    What a great blog - Thanks for sharing!
    We are going to take his advise and dance under the stars tonight!
    Love you, Mom/Grandma

  2. so true. now is the only time we have and getting outside does make a huge difference. march is a tricky bugger, too:)

  3. Great advice for parents there - I need to use some of those words on my son especially who loves to leave EVERYTHING to the last minute!

  4. How true! Your son is very wise.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Jenjen!!


  5. Lovely post! And, so true! I am also reminded to live in the moment and enjoy my NOW moments even more since becoming a mom.

    It's amazing how much wisdom children carry within them.


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