Sky Blue and some quality time

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

busy daily routines have put a toll on the quality of our lives,
by choice and with consequences.

that’s why every opportunity we have to retreat and bond,
gives us that gift that we wish we can unwrap every day of our lives.

every thing seems to revolve around the goal -
do well in school or work,
make a difference in someone's life,
excel in the things you want to do,
be involved.

all those are embraced,
but there comes a moment in our lives
that getting away from all that - is good for our body, mind, heart and soul.

and there is no better place to recharge
than be on the mountains,
where the skies are blue,
and nature surrounds you.

to be


as we head back to our daily routine
to do what we need to do.

just remember that once in a while,
we do need to step back in order to move forward.

enjoy the clear blue skies
because it brings peace and happiness.

(The pictures were taken on our drive back from Smugglers' Notch, VT)

Please visit Thursday Sweet Treat for various artists' interpretation of "sky blue" .

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  1. recharging is so important. without it we really can have nothing left to give. what a gorgeous place!!!!

  2. One day you will compile your outstanding pictures and inspirational words in a book.
    So beautiful.
    Love you, Mom

  3. Amazing post I like this very very much, I like the snowy weather too much I love it.
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    Thank you for sharing the nice post.

  4. @deborah, smuggs gives us that much needed family retreat!
    @mom, thank you :)
    @cooler, welcome to GottaLoveMom. Even though we had a really cold winter, getting away to VT was a great time away from home.

    enjoy the rest of the week ladies, and thank you for stopping by :)


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