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Friday, April 29, 2011

"I don’t care if you call me Lazy Bones. I love to lounge away the day alone. Why mix with others when being myself is so beautiful? When the day’s at my pace. I can relish small pleasures like ripe cherries, spiced blackberries, the aroma of sweet wood and fresh herbs. Afterall, there’s no shame in putting off today what can truly wait ‘till tomorrow!"

Busy bee, that's me! 
I had been neglecting the blog -- but life happens so what can I say?
Busy writing, busy being a mom, wife, daughter and sister!

Last week, my husband and I took one of our little-big kids to see The Juilliard School, and it was a total treat! I think everyone should do the campus tour -- just to see how amazing that school truly is!

It's almost May and my days will only get busier!

But I still look forward to the quiet nights -- when I can have a sip of my husband's red wine (Lazy Bones wine was from Trade Joe's, and just $6!!) and munch some ciabatta covered with sun dried tomatoes, olives and spicy feta cheese!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Enjoy.

Listen to this song from my 15yo, "Middle C" - it will make you dance!

standalone player

Keep smiling!

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  1. Keep on enjoying those nights! We're in our busy season now with baseball/softball so I get holding on to that nightly wind down ritual! =)

  2. I get so busy with both can get tiring! I try to go out right after work because if I don't I just get too lazy to go home then go out. On the weekends I enjoy those "days" I love being lazy and enjoying my space and hubby!

    My hats off to you - being a mother and wife is a full time job in itself!

  3. thanks, it is a full time job anytime i can, i try to squeeze in a "relaxing" q-time (quality time)


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