I quit!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, I did....well, for now anyway.

Some things are getting out of hand and I need to take a step back and redirect my focus on something else less stressful. When tasks are no longer fun, the best thing to do is to put those tasks on hold -- or delegate them to somebody else.

And when you feel like giving up, a friend will always be there to give you that space until you're ready to face the world again!

Sometimes, our dreams may seem too far-fetched, but we still have to try our best...

To find the time and finish what we started!

Felicia Kramer of Another Bright Idea is a dear friend of mine that I met through Thursday Sweet Treat. She gave me permission to post a few of her collage. Thank you so much, Felicia!

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  1. Aww, how sweet, Jen. I'm so happy that you found meaning in some of my prints. And, yes, sometimes you need to step back for a while. I hope that momentary respite works for you and you step forward again, renewed and refreshed.

    I'm finally finding the energy to re-stock my shops again. I have new work to post in both shops but it will take me some time to get everything posted.

    ((((big hugs))))

  2. I agree - sometimes the joy just goes out of something and yet we stay, plodding along and doing it out of habit or guilt or need. Take some time off and reignite some passion :)


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