Just one simple step -- all for me!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

It seems like there are so many things we want to accomplish. We are always multi-tasking. Our to-do and bucket lists keep on growing.

We look at our lists and we say, “How am I going to accomplish any of these tasks at all? Who has the time”

What about doing something just for fun? Does not have to be elaborate. Just one thing that will make you smile.

So pick one, focus on it, and make an effort to do it every day – until it becomes a habit that makes you smile and you laugh out loud:  Live life, one simple step at a time.

Fun for me involves art.

Art is a big part of my life. I am happy when I'm doing something creative. I love music but I didn't get a chance to be really good at it, unlike my 4 children who play the guitar, piano and violin. I love listening to them -- or just listening to Lady Gaga's "Free as my Hair" song.

There’s a song that I started learning how to play. I haven’t played the piano in decades. My hands are stiff, and my eyes couldn’t see the notes as clearly as I did when I was younger – but those are just excuses.

I learned that if you really want something, you’ll find ways to make time.

So here I am, my first attempt in learning how to play the melody of Fred Hersch’s piano composition, “Valentine”.

And hopefully after 10,000 hours – or in about 28 years when I’m 75 years old, I’ll be able to play the song – at least close to how my son plays it.

So go take action. No step is small or meaningless. Every little step does matter!

Keep smiling.

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  1. dream big! there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

  2. we are never too old to dream Jen nor to start pursuing another dream. Dream on!

  3. We do have to dream big -- just follow our heart, and follow our passion!
    Thank you.


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