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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Limitations are not bad. We have to embrace our limitations because only then can we know what our potentials are.

For the past 23 years, I’ve been a mother. And in over 2 decades, like most mothers, I instill the “Yes, you can!” thinking to my children. However,  we all learn that there are things we excel in and there are things we don’t do well – no matter how much hard work we put into it.

The key to a happy life is to be able to acknowledge such limitations - to know our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

I have four children and they all have their own talents, skills, abilities – and passion. It is not fair to think that they can all do the same thing at the same level. No matter how much focus and reinforcements we provide in encouraging our children, we have to be ready to accept that there are some things that are just beyond their abilities. Don’t you notice when you do something natural, every task seems effortless?

You see, we are blessed with abilities to do certain things well. But we are not blessed to do every single thing well. I know we are supposed to push our limits, but sometimes in pushing too much, we end up being miserable.

Knowing your limitations does not mean you should give up easily.
Knowing your limitations does not mean you shouldn’t push yourself in learning new things.
Knowing your limitations does not mean you can’t take responsibility for your actions.

Every day we are inundated with plethora of decisions. Sometimes we make the wrong choices. And it’s alright. It’s part of life, part of who we are. We shouldn’t beat ourselves and at the same time, we shouldn’t just sweep our mistakes under the rug and hope it will go away. No matter what, we have to face the consequences of our decisions.

I believe that we are not meant to live a miserable life.  So if you feel like you are doing something you don’t enjoy, you have to take responsibility. You have to tell yourself that it is okay to rock the boat. Make the change, be happy! Be thankful because there's always something to be thankful for.

In things that we are natural at, we do have to push ourselves to reach our peak. Sometimes we still haven’t discovered our natural talents because we are either complacent or afraid. Sometimes we need someone to guide us.

Someone told me recently that I was born to lead and speak for others. I smile at that comment because just 5 months ago, I was speaking to my friend, Sonia, on how hesitant I was about speaking in public – English being my second language I was worried that I would stutter and embarrass myself. 

But she said something that mattered – “When you’re up there addressing and speaking about your message and your story, if you inspire ONE immigrant person, isn’t it worth trying?”

I always believed that, but I needed someone to remind me.

What comes naturally to most of us is the ability to help other people. It's in our nature. We get that nurturing trait from our parents, especially our mothers. Parents teach their children to help each other and make a difference. There's always something you can do to make another person feel better. It can be a wave hello, or a short phone call -- small gestures that make a big impact in someone's life.

 I always wanted to be like Mother Theresa – even just a pinch of her faith, kindness and generosity.

I am not perfect. I have limitations but I’m also brave enough to rock the boat. When I’m passionate about something, I defy my fears and embrace my weaknesses in order to deliver the message that “of all the forces that make a better world, none is as powerful as HOPE.”

So here’s a little homework. Write down the following:
1) Your natural talents and abilities.
2) What makes you happy
3) What you see yourself  -- 3 months from now.

Dream BIG and keep smiling :)

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Thank you for all your support.

Photos was taken on our hike to Mt. Mansfield in Vermont.

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