Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last week life and death had kicked me in my heart (again)  that my days were in blur and my nights were short, sleep was aloof.

I couldn't find the words, or the logic to understand why Adrian, an energetic eight year-old child, died of food allergies at a very young age. My own children couldn't make sense of why their cousin passed away.

And the only thing we were able to do was to keep reminding ourselves:  Love. Faith. Hope.

There are things in life that do not make any sense, things I will never understand.

My kids grew up hearing me say, "Everything has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason."

But on April 7th, understanding the reason or the purpose was beyond our comprehension.

And the only thing that helped us was each other and our faith in God.

We found comfort with each other - with families and friends, and through celebrating Adrian's life through the pictures and videos that reflected the life Adrian lived: full, exciting, happy - no regrets!

To Adrian, you taught us so much.

(as shared by Tito Alan)

  Adrian, you reminded us

to live our dreams everyday, with intensity and balance
to share our happiness, to make a difference.
to be determined and not to give up,
to be silly and never grow up
to forgive.
to live.

Photos from the Tribute Page for Adrian

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful blog about Adrian. Thank you for helping to preserve our happy memories of him forever.. <3


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