Light Bringer - Psych-K Reflections

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

by Marie Aunio

I came back from a course called PSYCH-K last month. Jen, intuitive soul that she is, sensed there was a shift that happened. I agreed to share it but wasn't sure where to begin until now.

Nothing to gain
Nothing to lose
Never was there an I
Nor was there a You
There is only Completeness
Living in the Emptiness
Fullness in the Void

Sages in their Silence
Beacons of Being
Their Nothingness
Source of the All
Unites the All
Is the All of All

What to share and to whom? If all is because of all then everything is the cause of everything. To suffer because of a hurt, demand and be angered by a perceived brokenness means I've missed the whole. It is broken in the microscopic, myopic perspective of family name, a country, a need or a want. In the context of the Whole it operates lovingly perfect.

I heard the question in my mind --- How does one proceed in this awareness? Then again, it is operating spontaneously seamless. Mind wants to process it, categorize, weigh and measure its role in it. But it has none. Like the digestion of my stomach or the beating of my heart, neither of these Mind controls nor understands. Yet, beautifully it proceeds upon its rhythm providing, sustaining life.

The angst of past and future loses its relentless gnawing in one’s being. The sweetness of a moment can be tasted like never before. There was however a Grand Canyon chasm of attachments and memories to cross over. Terrors of self-annihilation are the steep price of admission to a place the hearts of hearts aches to be: peace, unity, oneness.

No need to understand. No need to know. Only Be.

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