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Friday, March 20, 2015

Menopause is a gift that keeps on giving.

I was noticing a lot of hair on the carpet. I brought it up years ago but I was told that  we lose about 100 strands of hair every day - so there's nothing to worry about.

Until one day while browsing through photographs from one of my book signing events, I noticed I have bald spots.

Panic. Frustration.

My husband suggested that I use Rogaine for Women ( with 5% Monoxidil).

And as usual, my reaction was "I don't want to put anything that's not natural." and I got more upset when I read that one of the side effects is "weight gain".

"And that's on top of the weight gain I get from menopause!" I exclaimed.

If natural meant I'd be bald - then that's not good.

So three months ago, I hesitantly agreed to consistently use Rogaine every night for the next 3 months.

To record the developments or lack thereof, my husband took a "Before" photograph.

Every night for three months I put Rogaine on my scalp. It's not advisable to use it during the day because it felt like I had a ton of dried hair mousse on top of my head. (Please read the instructions and all precautions printed on the packaging. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards because you'll end up with hair growth at places you don't want.)

Three months later...

So you decide. Does Rogaine really work?

Well, it did for me . Using Rogaine is not a quick fix. It's a lifestyle change.

As for the weight gain - well, it had nothing to do with Rogaine. (That will be another story)

Like any other products, read the labels, ingredients, directions and side effects. Educate yourself, talk to your doctor especially if you have heart problems, allergies, kidney and liver disease.

Check out Consumers Advocate's article on "Best Hair Loss Treatments Based on In-Depth Reviews"

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  1. Yeah I completely agree that Rogaine is all about lifestyle change and patience. My cousin tried doing it but she wanted results too quickly and started using revivogen hair. Though she has some regrowth but not sure if it causes any side effects or not!

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