Things to do this weekend

Friday, April 21, 2017

Almost all of us look forward to the weekend to relax, recharge and reconnect. Whether you’re someone who plans ahead or does things on-the-go, here are a few simple things I look forward to:

READ.  If you haven’t picked out a book, go to your local library and pick one or revisit your own bookcase. Try reading a non-electronic book, it’ll help re-train your brain to focus and read every work without skimming.

WALK. Call a friend and invite her/him to walk and enjoy the outdoors.

RUN.  Running is free and a great exercise. Set your Nike+ or running app to track your progress.

MUSIC. Revisit your music playlist and dance like you’ve never danced before. This will definitely make you laugh and feel beautiful.

PRAY. Pause for a moment and say a prayer of gratitude and guidance for those who are facing challenges.

GARDENING. Planting and seeing the flowers bloom do wonders in one’s mind, heart and soul. Stop by your local supermarket, home improvement store or nursery.

ORGANIZE. De-clutter your closet and your home office.  

CULTURAL EVENTS. Visit a museum or a park.

MAIL a letter or a card to someone you haven’t spoken to.

DINNER. Get together with friends, power off your phone and enjoy quality time together.

FAMILY TIME. Ask how the week was and Listen. Spend time with your loved ones.

SLEEP.  Stay under the blankets, heal and re-charge.

What are your plans this weekend?

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