Travel Diary: Exploring Philippines Through Hiking Batanes and Mt. Ulap

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Philippines is known for its beautiful island resort and beautiful scenic provinces.

My youngest brother, Benjie, recently got into hiking and it all started with his first solo trip to Batanes, Philippines.

Batanes, a province of the Philippines located at the Northernmost part of the country, is an isolated region, and the smallest both in population and land area.

So what makes someone want to explore Batanes?

For most, Batanes offers a peaceful place to unwind. It's a place where you can travel solo because it allows you to make time to learn more about yourself, to listen, and to explore.

Although others prefer to travel in groups, travelling solo allows you to get the full experience of the ruminative ambiance of the place.

When my brother visited Batanes, it was recently hit by typhoon, therefore, the was no internet, which gave him the chance to truly be unplugged, to reflect and to meditate.

The plane ride from Manila to Batanes was about 1/2 hour. There were group tours offered but my brother decided to travel alone. The photographs below were taken using an iPhone.

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Be happy.  


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