Do you need a GPS system, a Tomtom or a Garmin?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Do you get lost when you drive?
Did you ever say, “Why didn’t I make that left turn?”
Or just like a few lines in the MATRIX movie
“Why, oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”
“Sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

When you’re walking down the path, how do you pick between going to the right or the left?

So is true with life, isn’t it?
Sometimes to get to our destination, we take some turns that we didn’t intend on taking.
Is it really destiny or fate that leads us to one direction or another?
Or aren’t we the architect of our own fate?

When we make the wrong turn, do you beat up yourself or do you say,
“Oh well, I just have to turn around.”

I usually get lost when I drive from one place to another. The kids keep teasing me that I should really get a garmin or a tomtom. When I take my kids anywhere, I have to make sure I add a few hours because it’s most likely I’ll make the wrong turn. And sure enough, I end up getting lost!

I do prepare for the drive – maps and directions from MapQuest and Google, but sometimes the signs are just hard to read or sometimes my mind is just preoccupied.

But what I learned is that you just have to have a positive attitude towards anything in life. It’ll be great if there’s a GPS system that will guide us to the perfect path or that our minds are in “auto-focus”, but since that’s an ideal world, we just have to make the choices and not beat ourselves up if things don’t go our way. I just have to make sure that I have a full-tank of gas and my cell phone is fully charged.

Such perspective in life is what I hope my kids will learn from my laid-back attitude while getting lost or when stuck in traffic. (Although, if I’m totally running late, I do panic and then snap out of it after a short burst of “I can’t believe I missed that turn again!!”). I rarely even honk the horn!

My 13yo asked me last week,
“Mom, do you think I can ever be President?”

“You mean the President of the United States?”

“Yes, mom, the President of the United States?”

“Just continue to dream big, do what you’re doing now, be great at it, and in 23 years, you can definitely run to be the President. And I’ll be there campaigning for you.”

It may not be an easy road or mountain to climb.
You might hit a detour or slip a little.

Just keep moving forward, look back to just analyze the steps you’ve made.
And as you travel along or climb that mountain,

You may need that tomtom, GPS system or compass to guide you,
But you’ll definitely get there.
Just enjoy the trip, take it one step at a time,
And just do it.

To achieve is to have determination, preparation and perseverance.
You need a plan, a strategy and a positive attitude.
Imagine what your end-destination is and from there you can act on it
Because once you achieve that goal or get to your destination,
That celebration is like no other.

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  1. Maybe there is some truth to what they say about women being poor navigators, heh. I somehow always manage to make the wrong turn and end up having to take the scenic route. :)

    Very inspiring post!

  2. Once we were lost driving in the city--and I don't drive in the city! I'm not much of a driver and I thought I was keeping it all under control rather well when Birk said, "Mommy, we're lost! We're lost, oh, what are we going to do?" I told her we were going on an adventure, being lost is an adventure.

    You gotta love the scenic route :)

  3. Oh my gosh, if I am driving to a new destination, I always look up directions Yahoo Maps!! LOL! Even then, I will occasionally get lost!

  4. Sounds like your sense of direction is the same as mine! But truly, I like taking the long way home, or meandering to get somewhere instead of going the "fastest" route. Like you, I find there are, sometimes, a few nice surprises when you surrender to getting lost or turning the "wrong" way. Great post, and nice photos!

  5. Thank you for sharing those thought. I often go through that journey too...findng the right road or path.

    Do you like Enya? She sings a song call Pilgrim. If you never heard of it, you should stop by my blog and scroll all the way down and you will see my playlist. Look for the song Pilgrim by Enya and play it. Listen to the roads and see how much that song relates to your blog.

    Powerful, ha?

    A Mom's Journey

  6. aha! a girl after my own heart! I map quest everything and my cell phone is always charged. :)

  7. LOL, I don't drive and don't even have a license!! My sense of direction is really, really bad.
    Thanks for the award. I will post about it in my next post. You rock, dear blogger pally!

  8. I'm so afraid of getting lost that I almost over-prepare when I'm driving somewhere new. That's bad, huh? And I absolutely panic if I miss a street or an exit. I wish I had your sense of calm!!!


  10. I love your analogy here. I certainly remember navigating my through every new city I lived in without a GPS. What a long, and often winding, process! I'm sure that your ability to stay calm and laid back sets a great example for your children.

  11. Your post was so inspiring! Thanks for your words of wisdom!


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