My little prince ...and three remarkable authors

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My little prince
Wake up with a smile,
Eager to greet the morning with a cheer;
Run, jump, dance, hop,
Giggles and cartwheels all around,
Playing in the rain,
Kicking the pebbles every step I take;
Stop to smell the flowers,
Slow-walk to say hello to the birds;
Run after a hopping rabbit,
Laugh at the silly sound of a burp;
Discoveries, adventures, imagination
A world of wonder as far as the heart takes you;
Hugs and kisses like a panda bear,
It’s just precious loving life as a kid!

It's Thursday Sweet Treat time again. This week's theme has something to do with favorite childhood tale.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince” is one of my favorite childhood books.
(There were probably other books that I truly love as a kid, but this is the book that I can remember.)
Two of my favorite quotes from the book:
"One sees clearly only with the heart.
Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."

“All grown-ups were children first. But few remember it.”
I have four kids. I was working full-time in the city as a systems analyst when my 2 older ones were little. Luckily for me, my parents were around then. When my 3rd child was born, I was telecommuting. I was a WAHM. With my 4th child, I was lucky enough to be a SAHM.

The gift of being with my youngest child is to experience what it is like to be a kid again. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with him. Be it walking (or more like running after him) to school in the morning, learning how to ride a bike, reading books together (He now loves reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid), going to the city, baking or just plain hanging around.

He comes up with the amazing stories, thoughts and imagination that only a child can muster. Here are some of my favorites:

I. On adults kissing
Dad and Josh are watching TV. And a commercial appeared on TV.
Josh: “ Dad, why do people kiss naked while in bed? “
Dad: “Huh??”
Josh: “Dad’s gross!”

II. On PDA End of day, usual PDA in our household.
I’m making dinner and honey comes along to give me a tight big hug.
Josh: “Watch-out people, there’s a child in the room!”

III. Mom, are you working today? Josh asked, “Mom, are you working today?”
Mom, “Why are you asking?”
Josh: “Mom, you work everyday!”
Mom, “What kind of work do you think I do every day?”
Josh: “Mom, you’re job is to worry!”

IV. Go ask Daddy Josh: “Mom, can I sleep over Gavin’s house?”
Mom: “I don’t think so”
Josh: “Why?”
Mom: “Go ask your Dad.” (My way of getting out of a possible long conversation) Josh: “Mom, you always say that – Go ask your Dad.
But then Dad always says – Go ask Mommy.
I think you’re just trying to make me dizzy!”

V. Dad, sometimes you make things sound very complicated Josh is starting to do a walk- over in gymnastics.
Josh was showing it to his Dad.
So Dad, a gymnast himself, explains
“ Before kicking your legs over, you need to lock your knees So it pushes your body towards your head and moves
Your center of gravity over your hands and then kick over.”
Josh looks up to his Dad and says,
“Daddy sometimes you make things sound very complicated”.
Dad laughing, replied,
“ You don’t know what locking your legs mean?”
Josh nodding his head, says,
“Of course I know what locking your knees mean. But I have no idea what center of
gravity is”

VI. On Happy Meal Grandpa took Josh to McDonald’s.
Josh flashing his little pearly whites:
“Grandpa, can you please buy me a Happy Meal? Because my mom wouldn’t buy
me a Happy Meal.”

Grandpa (confused) asked Joshee:
“Why wouldn’t your Mom buy you a Happy Meal? “

Josh in a serious tone:
“Oh grandpa, that’s because she does not want me to be happy!”
Grandpa LOL! (Laughed-out-loud).
"Forever is composed of nows." - Emily Dickinson

To read more about what the universe is like to an 8-year old, check out
This week, I bumped into 3 remarkable women (mothers) who recorded their experiences and dreams for generations to enjoy!

If you love to read, do check out these inspiring books:

Cindy LaFerle published Writing Home. Before becoming a WAHM, Cindy was a travel magazine editor. Cindy’s book, Writing Home, is a collection of essays and columns that celebrate life. Her essays about motherhood, family and life itself at her site,, are truly inspirational. Cindy donates a portion of the proceeds to the homeless shelters in Oakland County, Michigan. Cindy posted an insight about her book at .

Melissa Stanton published “Stay At Home Survival Guide” . In , Melissa posted a very informative and inspirational experience as a SAHM and the process of getting her book published. Before becoming a SAHM, Melissa was the senior editor of People Magazine. We also share an obsession with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight.
Thru Natasha’s Thursday Sweet Treat, I was introduced to Abigail Thomas, an inspiring and remarkable woman. Natasha of Thursday Sweet Treat's interview with Abigail Thomas gives a glimpse on her life, her work, her inspiration. Check out Abigail Thomas' ”Thinking About Memoir” and “A Three Dog Life” .

Do take time to read their books, you definitely won’t want to miss them!

Happy reading!


So what's your favorite book as a child and as an adult?

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  1. More great quotes and poetry to add to my book thanks Jen :o)

    I find myself enjoying every moment with Carson too. I think it's because I know he is my last so I'm trying to cherish every single second because all too soon he will be grown up :o(

    Josh is too funny! I love how kid's minds think haha.

  2. Your Josh is way too cute!

    The Little Prince is one of my favorites --to this day. :)

  3. LOL, I LOVED THIS POST! Kids are hilarious!

  4. Oh, Jen, those were so cute to read!!!!! It's so funny to hear some of the things that my kids come up with too!!! Really cute!

    Thanks for sharing those!

  5. LOL! Josh is so cute! I love his words of wisdom!

  6. First, I adore that photo.

    Second, Josh is a riot! We already do the "ask your dad" "ask your mom" thing :)

    Third, that is a wonderful quote!

  7. I love the picture on of your son on the bridge! Beautiful!


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