Happy Birthday, Mr. Magoo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I can still remember the day I went on labor! I wasn’t due to deliver until April 10th but my little guy just couldn’t wait to come out to get my hugs and kisses!

It was a tough pregnancy and a very tough delivery…and I STILL have the varicose-spider veins to prove it!
But now, my little guy is my dearest best friend!

We watch iCarly together.
We can sit for hours in the living room, just reading.
We sing while we bake goodies for every one.
We walk to school every day – rain, snow or sunny day.

Just this morning, in the “cold” rain, we walked hand-in-hand as we laughed while doing the multiplication table exercises. (My three older ones are almost 21, 18 and 14)

I’m lucky to be able to be with my little guy from Day One!
Two months into the pregnancy, I became a full time stay at home mom!
I said “good-bye to a very lucrative consulting job, and said “hello” to twenty-four-seven hugs and kisses!

My little guy and I will be growing “older” together – dancing and singing in the rain, in the house and in New York subway station!

Just this morning, since he knows that I’m working on a “book”, he says,
      Mom, make sure the beginning of your book is compelling to keep the readers interested.”
      “Make sure you use sparkle words, the $20 words.”
       (Their teacher reminds them to use their vocabulary words which she calls $20 sparkle words)
      “Instead of saying sad, you should write “agonize””.

     (Note to self: I have to send his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. C, a thank-you note!)

So Mr. Magoo III, Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Magoo. I love those writing tips. His teacher is doing a great job.

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet little guy!
    My little Carson monkey will be five tomorrow!

  3. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. You are indeed a very lucky woman to have a relationship like that with your son. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you for all your birthday wishes. My little guy got half a snow-day on his birthday (today!)

  5. Happy Birthday to him! And may God bless him richly! It's awesome when our children can talk openly with us, parents. That is so precious nowadays. Blessings to you sister.

  6. Hoping he had a wonderful birthday! Subscribed to your feed. Found you via the Follow Me Club at MBC. Please come visit me at http://nobirthcontrol.blogspot.com. Thanks!!

  7. Josh,
    You make us all so happy. You make summer so special. We can't wait to see you. I personally ordered some really great weather for your visit.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Magoo III - Love you so much. Grandma and Grandpa


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