Keep on smiling, even when it seems impossible to smile...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A time to reflect....

Sometimes I wonder when I gaze at the vast blue sky,
         why am I here on earth?
Sometimes I wonder when I revere the comeliness of the leaf-less trees on a winter day,
        why is there anger in people’s heart?
        why is there sadness?

Sometimes I wonder how marvelous it is,
     to have witnessed the sun in its full brightness,
     it’s rays lighting up the blue skies,
     and clouds form like cottonballs so pure and white;

Sometimes I wonder how gorgeous life is as the snow-covered park radiates on a stormy day;

Sometimes I wonder how a child’s heart is filled with love and laughter;

Sometimes I wonder why loved ones say “good-bye”,
    when I’m far away,
    where distance separates me
    from a pat, a hug, a kiss
    a sound of a familiar voice;

Sometimes I wonder…

These past few days aren’t easy. Two of my loved ones said “good-bye” to go on to the next life. A week ago, my grandmother’s sister passed away. She was turning 100 this year. She lived a wonderful life and moved-on to the next life peacefully in her sleep. I just wish I can be with my grandma and mother…

Yesterday, my dear Tita (aunt) passed away. She’s my Dad’s sister, a sister of the Holy Spirit. She dedicated her life in serving the Lord our G-d. Every time I visited the Philippines, I stopped by the convent of the Holy Spirit, and she always had kind words and blessings to bestow. Last month, she wrote me a handwritten letter which I know was difficult for her to write. She reminded me to include G-d in my daily life, and to instill in my children’s heart and mind the grace, love and mercy of G-d.

She will always be in my heart and being blessed to see the beauty in nature reminds me of her and her love.
I wish I can be with my Dad (who's been in the hospital since Saturday...)

Sometimes I wonder....

Six minutes.
That’s all.
Six minutes a day for forty days until Easter.
That’s a tiny fraction of my day to reflect and stop, look at my life, and listen to the Spirit within me.
Sometimes all we need is a quiet and peaceful six minutes to reflect…




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I did it! I did it!
I can't believe I'm in...
Week Four of my P90x Challenge revolves around recovery and ab focus. As the P90x classic guide says, after three weeks of pounding, the body is ready (begging) for some down-time. I was anticipating that this week is going to be easy until I read comments from some P90x-ers that Core Synergistics can make someone nauseous! (Argh!)

So to get myself ready I read more about it. (I’m not sure if that’s a great idea after all!)

As P90x classic guide says,
Don’t expect this week to be easy. As a matter of fact, it may seem harder than the previous weeks if cardiovascular fitness is your weak area. But it will allow your body to recover from the hard resistance training and will enhance your adaptive process. You’ll also focus on tightening the entire midsection into a hard, ripped sheet. (Wow, I like that, lol). Core, strength, balance, and flexibility are the focus of the week as your body increases its stabilizer-muscle strength during recovery and ab focus.”

Here’s the Week 4 Routine:

- Yoga X
- Core Synergistics ( I just did this work-out, and I love it!)
- Kenpo X
- X Stretch
- Core Synergistics
- Yoga X
- Rest or X Stretch

That’s it for now…
Have a wonderful week…
Keep smiling even when it seems impossible to smile!

(Clipart courtesy of Microsoft ClipArt)

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  1. You are amazing with the images you capture with your camera. Then when you put it together with your beautifully written words, it just takes it to a whole new level....

    I'm sorry for both your loss and the fact that you can not be with the ones you love to comfort them and take comfort from them.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your relatives. I'll be praying for you all.


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