From going being in-zen!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hormones can really mess up your normal mood! And as one gets older, the monthly mood swings are more noticeable. Being aware that you’re short tempered and acting “strange” (as my 9yo says) makes the mood swings more controllable.

The past weekend was just remarkably sunny, so I took advantage of Mother Nature’s gift and walked from my town’s main street back to my neighborhood. It was quite a walk, and I loved it!

Later that afternoon, my husband and I took a walk back to town. He gets amazed on every new development with the bridge construction that started last summer. A few pavers, new pavement, railing or equipment are few things that tickle my husband’s interest. It must be that engineer in him! If I can only record his comments and description of the progress (or lack-of)! (Men are definitely different than women. I don’t know of any woman who exhibits enthusiasm with the sight of a newly paved walkway!.)

We do have a lovely and quiet town. While we were walking, and as we pass by the trees and bushes, we were attacked by schools of gnats! It's more like a battalion! I guess with all the rain that we got the past few weeks, the grass, bushes and practically every green plant were being circled by those tiny insects that can really mess-up a “zenwalk!”.

As I swung my hands, I went "shoo-shoo" to the bugs! I covered my ears and mouth with my hoodie, I was starting to freak-out and not enjoying the supposedly peaceful walk. But I was determined to get past the frustration and complete the planned leisure walk. And sure enough as we were walking on the bridge, I glanced by the river and I saw mother duck and her ducklings just floating on the water – peacefully!

I then grabbed my cellphone and took a picture! What a difference that made because it changed my mood from going insane to “in-zen”. My husband was laughing as he imitated the few seconds that just transpired.

Needless to say, I told him – well, our zenwalk is definitely something to blog about!

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." ~John Muir

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  1. LOL, I would be freaking out with the gnats too! But, overall, it sounds like you had a nice, relaxing walk with your husband!!!

  2. Hello to you sweet one. I was so glad to see you at my blog today.
    I hope you are doing well!

    love ya,

  3. That just proves that we always hit a bump or a few on the road. But everything will be okay...I don't know if I should laugh or feel the post-fear since I could imagine you trying to ward off those pesky gnats! :) Glad you're okay. God bless you always and the pics are awesome!

  4. @Alicia, yes! It was zen-full just walking with my husband..
    @Lori - how are your book sales? That's so cool :)
    @RCUBEs - it was a funny sight, so it's okay to laugh!

  5. Ugh, gnats!

    I can almost picture the family of ducks swimming by... that would make me pause, too.

  6. @Buckeroomama - the family of ducks saved the day!


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