Wow, it's super hot today!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sometimes words just don't come easy...

My almost 21 year old daughter noticed this bird's nest while she was watering the plants.
Can you see the three little baby birds
and how their beaks are wide open just waiting..

The mother bird is just nearby...
 I wonder what is on her mind..
I wonder if we are interrupting lunch or early dinner...

I guess I better leave them alone...

My Mom planted these bright and light pink peonies eight years ago.
( Oh how I wish she can touch and smell these)

It's going to be a very busy weekend !

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Keep smiling :-)

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  1. So beautiful...To see God's wonderful creations. Have a Happy Memorial weekend! God bless you sister.

  2. That was really beautiful, Jenjen.

    Happy Memorial weekend!

  3. Hi Jen :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hello - its been too long!! You're still posting all your gorgeous pics I see :)

  4. hey jen,
    thanks for stopping by last week! as always i <3 your photo's and i love peonies they are my favorite flowers i love the way they smell! have a great holiday weekend. and don't be a stranger! :)

  5. @RCubes,thank you friend, You, too.
    @Annette, thanks for the visit.
    @Veronica , miss you :)
    @Shelley - I'll try...

    Keep smiling :)


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