when i leave this universe, i hope you remember me as…

Monday, July 18, 2011

someone who loves life.

someone who complains and then laughs.

 someone who does not mind getting lost.

someone who cries when you’re hurt – and showers you with hugs to ease the pain.

 someone who dreams…and dreams BIG (Believes In God).

someone who falls so many times – and chooses to stand strong.

 someone who loves you – no matter what.

someone who believes that anyone can make a difference.

someone who sees you for who you are – and what you can become.

and when one day when i can’t remember why,

or when i can’t see clearly,

 or when my feet stop jumping,

or when my mind forgets,

or when my ears hear selectively,

i hope you're there to make me smile.

i hope you’re there to remind me that somehow...

hope survives.

(dedicated to my four crumbcatchers)

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  1. You touch my heart in so many ways - Love you, Mom

  2. the last chapter in my book!! thank you :o

  3. That was really beautiful, Jenjen! I love the pics too especially the first one.

    Have a nice day!


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