Pregnant at 47?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I exercise. I diet. I meditate.

And yet – the past few weeks, I was baffled.

Who would have thought that in less than a year I would gain 10-15 pounds?
Who would have thought that my mood would erratically change from “ready to conquer the world” to “I just want to lay down and sleep?”
Who would have thought that I can be bloated in 1 day and then feeling slimmer again the next day?

That's why I thought I was pregnant at 47!
(Yes, kids -- it's all because of Immaculate Conception)
I blurted out to my husband, “What kind of joke is this?”

It wasn’t enough that women have to go through PMS, hormonal changes and giving birth. Just when we thought we got our acts together --- Bhamm! Menopause hits us like a splitting headache!

Right now, my body can’t decide whether I’m hot or cold; bloated or dehydrated; super confident or blah!

The past year I tried different exercise routines: running, yoga, Power 90, The 30-Day Challenge, Belly Dancing, Hip Hop Abs, Zumba and Pilates. But I just lost any enthusiasm. Every exercise seemed exciting at first, but then got boring after a while.

I try not to whine about my weight issues, because I still look pretty small.
The only struggle is that I can’t fit on any of my clothes. The shape of my body changed!
And I don't have any energy! ( And I talk in exclamation points!)

So yesterday, I made an urgent appointment to see my OB/GYN of 23 years. But since he was not available right away, I settled for the nurse practitioner on duty– what a big mistake! Not sure it if was just my moodiness or if it was her, but she was just not “empathetic” to my complaints.

The nurse practitioner told me that clearly I was menopausal. (Duh?)  And that in order to lose weight or even maintain my weight – I have to double the number of hours I exercise, and to really – I mean, really watch what I eat. Gone were the days when all I needed was 30-45 minutes a day of exercise and a sensible diet.

Energy? What energy? My energy level went from 100 to 0 in 4 weeks! I went from being the "Energizer Bunny" to a "Little Turtle that Could". I don't even have the patience to deal with the complexities of the new FB (and how timely is it that my FB account's temporarily out of service?)

Well, at least the visit to the doctor’s office provided me with a prescription to get some blood work done: Thanks to my husband and my MIL, I knew what tests to ask! I had other aches and pains, so the Nurse Practitioner scheduled a few ultrasound here and there!

Around 1pm,, I got my haircut. My hair-dresser and close friend gave me a few tips and words of encouragement. She introduced me to “dates”, edamame and flax seed. (Added those to my Trader Joe's grocery list!)

By 5pm, I came home and vented to my dear girl friend. (Thank goodness, she’s back from Italy and that she had a book that might help me explain things.)

My friend lent me a book she got 10 years  ago -- Dr. Laura E. Corio’s “The Change before The Change” – the essential book for every woman over 35! I’ll read it and let you know. I’m sure I’ll find ways to help me understand and cope with these mood and body swings! I just hope I don't toss the book out of the window --- out of frustration! ( I do have to return the book to my friend, so really , there won't be any tossing going on!)

Luckily I have friends and family I can "vent" to. Oh yeah, one more thing that makes this a lot easier -- my husband! He understands and researches various way to make me feel better: even in my craziest, irrational, “Sybil-like” attitude.

So until next time. Hopefully, by then we can talk about my book!

Keep smiling – it’s really not that bad!

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  1. Oh, Jen, I am totally "empathetic." Yep, everything you mention - body changes, weight gain, hot flashes - I went through. My weight was under control all my life until I hit menopause.

    It's not much of a consolation, but there's a legion of women right there with you!

    P.S. So much fun to talk to you recently!

  2. Thank you, Felicia. I had a fun time talking with you, too.

    I decided I can definitely take control over these hormones -- if I can get them to listen to me!

    Take care.


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