Argh! A Blank Page

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Argh! A blank page


I had so many ideas in my mind; I was excited to write them all down. I started my E-notebook and opened a new Word document.

I was eager to type – turn the images into words, but then, there was nothing.

I looked around, rested my chin on my left hand, closed my eyes, moved my head around, and still – NOTHING.

It was not like I had nothing to say – quite contrary, I had plenty, but not one topic seemed to dominate the flow of information through my central nervous system.

Maybe that’s the problem.
Maybe I had way too many things in my mind that they were all scrambling in my brain – like a kaleidoscope.

It’s been weeks and still –  Nada.

Maybe I’ll need to check off the enormous list of to-do in my mind, before I can proceed.

Oh well, at least I talked about nothing today. 

Here's a video from YouTube of A famous Filipina singer and Tony Awards winner, Lea Salonga, singing "Nothing" from the play, "A Chorus Line".

Dream BIG & keep smiling.

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