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Resolution of Kindness

As with all other humans faced with the prospect of a fresh start, I have been trying to figure out my resolutions for 2013 (and beyond, for that matter).  I do not usually like to call them resolutions, but rather positive habits.  This past weekend I was the direct recipient of very hateful and hurtful words.  This event, along with the recent school shooting in Connecticut, brought to light what everyone's resolutions should include. 

I was at an intersection in a parking lot and started to move into the intersection, making a left turn.  This woman abruptly turned in front of me, but I was able to stop in plenty of time, avoiding a collision.  It was at this point the ugliness ensued.  At first, she used the F*** word, which does not really offend me, but what followed, really shook me to my core.  After I tried to utter an apology, she shouted out her window, "You fat, ugly whore."  What would possess a woman to call another woman whom she did not know a fat, ugly whore?

Shaken from those words, I had to park my car and release my emotions.  Her words were very hurtful, especially for someone that struggles with her weight every day.  I am a grounded, strong, and confident woman, but at that moment, I felt abused.  What gave this woman the right to hurt me so deeply?  Although I said I was sorry, she still felt the need to unleash all her hatred for life on me at that moment.  It was at this point I began to pray for her.  She obviously needs forgiveness and blessings, because if she were at peace, I would not be writing this piece.

We all need to slow down (I will be the first to admit this is difficult) and practice being more kind to one another.  When certain instances occur causing you to be angry and hurt, take a breath, work through the feelings, and react with positivity.  I resolve to practice more kindness, and find more forgiveness and blessings for those that need it.  It will not be easy, but this world could use a bit more kindness and tolerance.  A kind act could even save a life.  Will you join me to help make the world a kinder place?

by Resident Writer Gwendolyn D'Amico


  1. It is sonething I try to practice as well so I will join you. Im sorry that happened to you - it's horrifying that one human can speak to another that way. You're taking the high road!

  2. Thank you, Kathie! Together we will be the change and hopefully pass it on to the next generation.

  3. It's appalling that with the violence that populated the news outlets in the past few months, that people won't have the consideration and the decency to think twice before saying anything hurtful.
    I totally agree with teaching our children to be kind, polite, respectful and considerate.
    Great post, Gwen. Thank you.

  4. I applaud your take on this situation; very few people would have reacted with such kindness. And I guess that's your point in some ways, that too few of us are willing to be calm during stressful situations and manage kindness instead of anger. I've had a similar situation and I found it equally upsetting. You're right, though, that these people are in need of our prayers that they can find peace in their lives because their hate is their greatest enemy. I'm so sorry that she hurt you. You are an amazing woman and if she knew you she would know that her words couldn't be farther from the truth. <3

  5. I agree, we all need to be kind to one another every single day of our life. That one incident was hurtful but I'm proud of you - you turned it around and used it to be more intentional about being kind. The heavens must be smiling at you right now...


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