A Guide to a Happy Simple Life: Focus on the Good

Friday, February 03, 2017

Everything in our lives begins with a thought, and the way we think about life shapes how our lives will be.

Set a short-term goal.
Write it down.

Every day we have tasks to accomplish, and it seems like no matter how organized we are, there are tasks that we end up pushing until tomorrow.

Every time my husband sees my desk covered with paperwork, and he would ask, 
        "What's on your list for today?"

I usually reply by enumerating the list off top of my head. However, even before I get to task #3, he would advise that I stop until I have it all written down.

Writing down my to-do's always works, even when it comes to my daily work-out routine. If I don't have a list of what I have to do for that week, time is wasted trying to figure out whether today's a cardio day, a strength day or a leg day.

The beauty of having a list is that I get to focus on the good. I get to cross out tasks I've completed. I get to reflect on a job that's done well and not feel bad about the challenges. 

The journal, Making TIME for a Happy Simple Life: a 30 day journal was not written as a rule book. It merely serves as a guide, a suggestion. It's a 30 day journal, but it doesn't mean you need to do the exercises in any order. There are no rules. You make it happen, so it's up to you to pick a page that will make you smile.

Photo courtesy of Michael-Rex@brownmetal .

Have a fun and lovely weekend y'all.

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