Rudraksha Mala Beads, Hugs and Love Will Always Find A Way

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I met Amma, the Hugging Saint", five years ago at the Javits Center in New York.  and since then, I've carried or worn my mala beads. People from all over the world came to experience her embrace, which is known to give comfort. Her teachings encourage people to love, serve, conserve and practice -- all about peace and happiness.

One day, not so long ago, I was at a pharmacy when a lady at the counter held my hand and told me that I was wearing Rudraksha beads, all 108 of them.

According to Wikipedia,

Hindus used Rudraksha malas as rosaries for meditation purposes. The word rudraksha is derived from Rudra (Shiva, a Hindu god of all living creatures and aksha which means eyes). According to the legends, Lord Shiva, after a long period of meditation, opened his eyes and shed a tear, and that a single tear turned into the rudraksha tree.

I asked a friend if there's a deeper symbolism about Rudraksha.

According to my friend,  

"Rudrakshas are said to be Shiva’s tears. It is beneficial to wear because the energy it carries is protective in nature. Some of the things it helps avoid sudden death or serve as a repellent to not so friendly spirits."

She continued on and said,
"If you had met me a couple of years before we did, I used to wear a necklace of them for quite a few years—really, really big ones. These are quite rare and have very specific spiritual benefits. It would draw all kinds of crazy attention whenever I’d see Amma because the folks there know what they are."
She added,

"Well, I know you wear it mainly because of Amma. Having Her presence through the mala is always a lovely experience."

I was raised Catholic and I carry a small 10-bead rosary in my pocket. When I drive I say a prayer, especially whenever I need to make a left turn. Pope Francis once said that meditation, with all it's benefits, is good. However, as Catholics, it doesn't replace prayers or going the church. 

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