I must be dreaming…

Thursday, June 11, 2009

As I take these few days to reflect,
Mixed emotions come over me.

Happiness for the love of my family,
Sadness for the hatred of the few,
Guilt for those who can't enjoy the abundance,
Hope for the new beginnings and second chances.

There's beauty in this world,
There's love in everyone,
There's forgiveness for every remorse,
There's compassion for every sorrow.

Thankful, I am every day.
Frustrations push me to try harder.
I cry, I weep, and of course I do.
Faith and Love keep me smiling.

Follow the road that makes you happy,
Follow the footsteps that guide you to your dreams,
There's nothing you can't do
Your life is yours and yours to fight for.

I believe the sun rises in the morning - to remind us of a new day ahead of us;
I believe the sun sets at night - to pause for the day and contemplate;
I believe we have the power - to be what we aim to be;
I believe in YOU and ME.

The world does not stop just because you’re not ready.
The earth continues to rotate on its own axis even when you’re sleepy,
The seasons change even when you want to hold on to the Spring,
The caterpillar spins a chrysalis and turns into a butterfly even when you’re busy.
The world does not stop just because you’re not ready.

The past few days seem like a Twilight Zone chapter.
No, it’s not that Twilight romance between Edward and Bella,
(which I’m totally obsessed with)It’s that old movie with a creepy narrator that says,
You are about to enter another dimension,
a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.
A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.
Next stop, the Twilight Zone!"
My week started with a dreadful overseas phone call from my parents.
My Dad’s not feeling well and needs to undergo more tests.
The worst part of it all is that they’re continents away.
Every time I hear this news,
it just brings back sad events that consumed me for years,
events that remind me that there are no more tears left.

Life continues…
Another day,
Another destiny...

I didn’t have much time to sulk-in and feel awful
(luckily I’m not PMS yet)The next day I had an impromptu breakfast with a friend (relaxing),
I headed to NYC and had lunch with friends
I met through the blogosphere –Thursday Sweet Treat
(so much fun!),
Picked up Abigal Thomas’ “A Three Dog Life” from the library (loving it!)Called my kids’ agents to tell them how I forgot how much I love New York!

it looks like a quiet episode in my so-called life until …
.....dan-dan-dan-danI got home and
my 17yo has a 103 fever (not swine flu),
my 20yo daughter has this eye infection from contacts
(just needs eyedrops 4x/day)
my 13yo is feeling so sore in his arms from lifting weights
(don’t ask)my 8yo has a bruise and
my husband is having a coughing fit!

Is it full moon?
Is there a perfect storm in the horizon?
If it’s full moon, why can’t I have one of those Twilight moments
and not this Twilight zone whirlpool of aches and pains,
pins and needles!
So I drove back and forth to different doctor appointments,
Went up and down the steps to attend to my sick kids,
Made dinner, did laundry, called my parents and then ….….
.....dan, dan, dan, dan
I suddenly feel achy....
Now I can actually sit down and watch TV!
I turned on E-news channel and guess what’s on today?
World’s Most expensive luxuries!

Can you believe there’s a Chanel clutch bag for $1.5M?
What about an Evian bath for $5K?
How about a pair of diamond studded Jimmy Choo shoes for $160K?
Can you swallow a Pierre Hermes macaroon for $7500?

As I lay in my couch totally wishing I had those extra cash,
to give to my parents and brothers in the Philippines,
My 20yo daughter gave me a hug and told me,
“Mom, you’re the best mom ever!”
Now that’s priceless, hugs and kisses !

So as I end this insane day,
I must invigorate my mind and rejuvenate my body!
I think I’ll get one of those priceless sleep, too.
Since I have no clue what tomorrow will be like.

Thank you all my dear friends for all your sweet thoughts, prayers, encouragement and laughter! You are making a difference!

A quick shout-out to great blog-friends who still honored me with awards, even at my absence..
Do stop by their blog and you'll definitely be hooked!

Veronica Lee of OfMice and RaMen – for the Best Blog, Kreativ Blog and Loyalty Award;
Lori of When We Listen – for A Lovely Blog Award (my 3rd!!)

I can be never be tired of getting awards from you guys. You are part of my life, my joy and inspiration. Thank you so much, Veronica and Lori , for thinking of me!

Sharing the awards to all the wonderful, creative and thoughtful blogger-pals!

Lastly, I want to thank my dear friend, Buckeroomama of Mamahood, Among Other Things
for creating my button and inspiring me to re-do my header! She doesn't get tired answering all my Blogger-techy questions either! How lucky and blessed can I be?
Have a great weekend!

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  1. This was a beautiful post! So open and honest! Love it!! I don't really have much to add except that I was blessed by reading it!

    I'll be praying for you and your family to get better soon!

  2. Wow. Lots of adventures in this post. Took me in the ups and downs of life but by God's grace, you were sustained by His strength. God bless and may the Healer restore the health of all the sick loved ones in your family.

  3. Loved this blog post, but hope you're feeling better soon. You've got quite a lot on your plate right now. Best wishes and prayers for your family.

  4. I love your blog! I pray everyone is doing better. Never far from my prayers. I'll be praying too for your dad, may the Lord bless him and heal whatever ails him.

    Have faith my friend, he'll get better.


  5. Very lovely post! I hope all goes well with your dad. Did I read that you called your kids agents? What do they do?

  6. Thank you for your best wishes and prayers...
    My kids did a few Nickelodeon TV commercials, voice over, print ads. Its a tough business especially for the teens but my 8yo is loving the adventure for now (and he has so much confidence he does not mind the rejection)..but it can be tough on Mommy, too :(..
    Now he has to learn a quick french song from South Pacific...Wish us luck on that one :)

    Oh - what is that I see outside coming through ? SUNSHINE!!!

  7. I want to tell you a story about a donkey. An old farmer's donkey fell into a deep well. The donkey was making a lot of noise and clearly wanted out. Because there was no way for the farmer to get the donkey out and did not want the donkey to suffer, he called over his friends and they began shoveling dirt into the well. As the dirt landed on the donkey's back, he began to cry even louder. After about 5 minutes of shoveling the donkey stopped making noise. The farmer looked into the well and was astonished to see that with every shovel of dirt that landed on its back, it shook it off, and took another step up. After an hour of shoveling the donkey stepped over the side of the well and, happy as a clam, walked away.

    Life keeps shoveling dirt on our backs. Shake it off, and take a step up!

    Hope you dad is getting better.

  8. As always your post was so beautiful. Hope you Dad gets the results he is wishing for. It is so hard when our parents are the ones who need our help.
    best wishes

  9. Thank you for all the best wishes..

    @cherish.photographer, welcome to my site! Glad you came by;

    @Chris, love the story - and yes we just have to step-up.

    @ModernMom - we're keeping our fingers crossed and yes, it is tough when our parents need help esp when they're far away;

    @Alicia, I'm blessed you stopped by

    @Rcubes, Amen.

    @Fiauna, Glad to see you here again...

    @Tess, thanks for stopping by again. My kids do a little acting/singing/commercial :)

    @Tami - love your daily visits! I look forward to it every morning..

    Have a great weekend ...

  10. SOmeone asked about the first photo in this post, that's my niece :) They were in Maryland on Memorial Day weekend. All the years of gymnastics worked wonders.

  11. Your words and photos are breathtaking. Please know that your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. "The world does not stop just because you're not ready"

    So, so true!

    Love this post! And love your new header!

  13. Honey,
    I love the change - But, as you know, I loved the original too.
    Beautiful post and beautiful header.
    I thought the child on the beach was Josh, but I read your note about it being your niece.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love, Mom

  14. I love your honesty and openness. I'm praying for your dad.

    (((((((hugs and kisses)))))))))

  15. @Momisodes, @Veronica, thank you for your continued prayers and sweet thoughts.

    @Jennifer, chaos does allow the opportunity for creativity!

  16. @Mom, you're my #1 fan as usual..that was Mic-mic on the beach.

  17. Your post is beautiful, Jen! Thank you so much for sharing your life and inspiration with us.

    Thank you for joining Blog it Forward! Your blog is truly inspirational and touches many lives . . . the whole mission behind Blog it Forward!

    Your family is in our prayers, Jen. I admire your strength, and have faith that you all will come through this trial in your lives stronger than ever before.

    Congratulations on your awards, as well! Those are so much fun to receive, and they let us know that our words are touching people's hearts.

    I'm so glad you signed up for Blog it Forward, and so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you.

    I'm following you, now, via google friends connect and facebook. You're definitely someone I respect!


    Mom's Fortress of Solitude

  18. I forgot to let you know that I am also grabbing your button to place on my blog roll.

    Please feel free to do the same, when you get the chance. The code is on the lower right side bar of my blog. :o)


  19. @Angela, wow - thanks for the nice words, encouragement and prayers I truly appreciate them!

  20. Love your blog. I also checked out your son's blog and saw this very cute craft he did - Magical Music Shakers . I can't find the instruction for it though. Can you help point me to the right direction. Would love to do this with my boys this summer.


  21. Hi Christine, Glad you stopped by - Here's the link to the magic musical shaker - http://gottalovemom.blogspot.com/2009/04/fun-with-recyclables-on-day-5-of-power.html

    The principal of the school loved the organizer and the shaker, they'll be featured in the exhibit for next fall :)


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