What has inspired you recently?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are all unique.
We all have different tasks and goals.
We all go on different path, different routes
We all have one destination – happiness!

Be it writing a note or a book,
Calling someone or preparing dinner,
Working out with weights or getting toned with Pilates,
Or embarking in a huge undertaking to change the world - or just your wardrobe!

To get to what makes you happy,
There are things, people or situations that inspire you to get there.

Is it love,
Movie or a

Is it nature,
a friend,
a country or a

Is it faith,
An apple pie,
A poem or
Breaking news?

Is it a perfume,
A blogpost,
A picture or
The voice of a child?

Whatever it is, it’s something that caught your attention.

What has inspired you recently and what will you do about it?

"Almost everything that you do will seem insignificant,
but it is important that you do it." - Mahatma Gandhi
"An artist is nothing without the gift,
but the gift is nothing without work" - Emile Zola

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Have a great week everyone, until next week...

Keep smiling :)

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  1. That was beautiful, once again, Jen!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Beautiful pic! Some things can't be captured but just meant to be stored in my heart. And that's what inspired me this week: love of my family...Blessings to you sister and thank you for always encouraging me in this life's journey. Have a great weekend.

  3. That was really lovely, Jenjen!! Your blog inspires me.

    Love ya!!


  4. @Alicia, @RCubes and @Veronica - thank you...your kind words are inspiration!

    Today my 18yo told me that I have inspired a new generation of writers - Him and a few of his friends are writing a book about LIFE. They even gave themselves a deadline when to complete the book! Little things do matter!

    Have a great week and keep smiling ;)

  5. Great post! Very motivating and the picture is beautiful too.

  6. I've MISSSSSSED YOU JEN JEN! How are you?

  7. That is a beautiful picture and your post is motivating as always. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

  8. @2Toddlers and Me - thanks for the visit
    @Tami - missed you, too..we're good :)
    @Pam - have a wonderful week, too!

  9. beautiful poem...follow me at: http://chubbydove.blogspot.com

  10. This was truly inspiring. And I love the photo. The beauty of fall as certainly inspired me these days.

  11. Aaaah, recently, my inspiration has been watching and observing my son. Seeing his joy with the simplest things makes me aspire to find the joy in simple things as well! Simplify! :-)

  12. Hi, Jen! Thanks so much for visiting me... I have been thinking of you! I've been inspired by God lately and His work in my life. I've also been inspired by the great friends He has put in my life. I'm still working on my book. Life has derailed my progress lately, but I'm hoping to have a book proposal done to pitch to some editors at a writing conference in March. Hopefully, inspiration will come quickly! ;0)

  13. @chubbydove - thanks for the visit. Hope to see you here next week!

    @Momisodes - fall is my favorite time of the year- The colors are just so inspiring (as long as it stops raining). Boston must be colorful!

    @Jennifer - you're a true Mom! Do cherish every moment of your little guy! Simple pleasures indeed!

    @Melinda - I try to visit every moment I can. I do browse through whenever possible but sometimes I couldn't comment. True, G-d give us the inspiration every single day. Good-luck on your book proposal. Life does happen. I am behind my schedule myself but I know in due time, I will finish my book, too. So glad you came to visit!

    See you guys next week...


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