To Life

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We sometimes go through our days wishing we had the new Apple IPad, we were as pretty as Julia Roberts, we drove a car like the neighbor next door.... 

It takes a short line like this to make us realize
Life is more than any of these.

I’m healthy I could run and enjoy the morning sunshine
I could walk to the supermarket and back even with my grocery bags in tow
I could indulge on some sweets a little without feeling guilty
I could work all day, feel tired and yet feel accomplished.

I am healthy, I have hope
That tomorrow will be better than today
That I can be nicer to the people I meet
That I can be anything I choose to be
That I can give more, do more, be more.

It would sure be great if we go through our days wishing
We could offer someone a meal instead of getting the new IPad
We can wear a smile for everyone we meet instead of trying to be like Julia Roberts
We could take a holiday and visit family and friends instead of getting a new car.

If we think this way,
Then maybe we’ll realize we do have everything
At least, everything that matters.

By Resident Writer from Writer's Space

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