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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When Out of Status came out, I was nearly as ecstatic as Jen was. For one thing, the author is a very dear friend. Second (and this is the selfish reason), I could now align myself with published writers (getting published being my goal as well). Third, the book embodied the realization of a dream. While it wasn’t my dream, playing a role in the editing phase of the book made me feel very much a part of that realization. Fourth, the story gives a voice and a hope to the thousands of people who, up to the present, await their future in the land of opportunity. And lastly, Out of Status chronicles not just a young woman’s pursuit of the great American Dream. It inspires the heart as much as it empowers the will. It gives readers a new impetus to believe in the power of dreams. It drives us to face our battles, to never give up, and assures us that things happen only to those who dare.

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Out of Status gives us hope that dreams can come true. While happy endings are not always guaranteed, Jen's story shows us that as long as we keep the faith, never lose hope and continue to work hard, life will eventually take care of us. The poems included in some chapters of the book, serve as inspiration that make us believe that whatever troubles or pains us, there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow.

In the end, this book is an invitation to live life to the fullest and a challenge to face our battles. In moments both happy and sad, this book is most inspiring.

by resident writer from Writer's Space

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  1. So true! Never give up no matter what~

  2. It sounds like a great book. I'm always on the lookout for a good read. I'll have to check it out. It sounds very inspiring. Enjoyed your post. :)

    1. Lucy, hope you'll get a chance to check it out. Thanks!


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