What I learned about being a mom on "Take Your Child to Work Day"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is Crumbcatcher #4 speaking; I just had a blast today on "Bring Your Child To Work" day.  I always wondered what Mom did when I was at the boredom festival, A.K.A. school.
Well, now I know.

She makes doctor's appointments. 
Today, mom took me to Westfield Imaging Center to get x-rayed  for "Bone Age".

Mom is always schlepping us somewhere.
She spends most of the day in the car driving back and forth

She's always doing errands, or cleaning the house, paying the bills, or

doing loads and loads of laundry ---

-- errands that will put you and I to sleep, 
or work that will drive a kid like me crazy!

Being a mom can actually be a lot more exciting! 
Maybe, mom will find a 20 dollar bill on the ground for the ice cream truck,
 or run into a reporter and get interviewed about her book, 
or maybe on her way somewhere she will see a band playing her favorite songs, 
or maybe the fun is in the “Mother Instinct”.(The last one was a guess.)

 Even though I am not in school, I learned something: 
Being a mother is not an easy job. 
In fact, it is not a job, but a gift. 
Love you mom!

by GottaLoveMom's 11yo son, Joshua

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  1. what cute post from your adorable son... it looks like he enjoyed himself and learned a little bit more on what busy day you have. I rally like his last quote where he said Being a mother is not an easy job. In fact, it is not a job, but a gift. Sounds like you have quite a kid :)

  2. I love it!!! He has quite a future ahead of him.

  3. (Kathy) A child's perspective is always fresh. His seems dead on as a keen observer. You are raising a very astute young man -- one who is wise enough to recognize the hard work that you do everyday.


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