My husband truly is the romantic super hero!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Seventeen years ago, on Mother's Day, my husband and I vowed in a Jewish-Christian ceremony, "to love and honor, all the days of our lives."

In the book, "Out of Status", I immortalized my love to the man who epitomizes every woman's romantic super hero - my husband. Not only does he warms my side of the bed during winter time, not only does he make my decaf chai tea every morning -- he tries to make sure I smile every day, no matter what.

Today, my husband confirmed his title "romantic super hero", when he wrote a beautiful poem for our anniversary.

This card alone was a perfect, and the poem that he wrote just confirmed how lucky I am!

Seventeen Years,
What does it mean?
It is a long time, or a short time?

In the realm of things perishable, seventeen years
is enough time for
    Freshness to become decay,
    Playful youthfulness to become staid
    Novelty to become passé.

In the realm of things that improve with age,
seventeen years is enough time to
    Turn a fresh grape into a treasured wine,
    Turn an obscure book into an
     international sensation,
     Turn an overlooked artist into a
      celebrated visionary.

In the realm of things enduring however,
seventeen years leaves no trace. You cannot find
its marks on
      The facets of a diamond,
       The majesty of a mountain range,
       The endlessness of the oceans.

A lot has happened to our lives in seventeen
years, but my love for you remains unchanged.

My love for you doesn’t know time.

It is a thing enduring like a diamond, a mountain
range, an ocean.

A thing that lasts a lifetime, a backdrop against
which we can watch time pass, build lasting
memories, confront challenges, and enjoy our time
in the world.

Happy anniversary.

Needless to say, my day was more than complete when our four children wrote the following on our anniversary card:

    "To the greatest parents in the world who show us what love truly is -- Happy Anniversary!
       Your love is what we all wish to have someday once we are all grown up :)"

I am truly blessed! My life might have been chaotic but I definitely have reasons to count my blessings.

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  1. Wow - how beautiful! A romantic husband ... sigh!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Jen! True, many things to be grateful for :)


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