Snow Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The kids' first snow day of 2010!
School is out,
and we still have 24 more hours of snow to go!

The view of our backyard from my family room window...

View  of the deck from our dining room...

Our 65 year old tree....

The view of the backyard from our balcony...

The view of the street from my bedroom window..
The view of backyard from my office window...

Snowday means baking our tradition blizzard bread, the mandell bread!
and today's Day 17 of my P90x Challenge!

This is why I do the P90x challenge!

Honey's apple-blueberry all natural pancakes!

More snow...

Stay warm....Be safe and Keep smiling!

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  1. Look so cold! But sooo beautiful in white! Baking...That sounds good and yummy! Anything warm or hot during these cold days. Stay safe and warm! God bless.

  2. The pictures are beautiful. I Love snow pictures.

  3. The pictures are lovely. However, I'm a little tired of snow in our neighborhood. : )

  4. @Rcubes, a good treat after shoveling is dh's apple-blueberry pancakes!

    @stacie, welcome to GottaLoveMom...Thanks :)

    @Pam, after today, I'm ready for spring!!

  5. Jen- What beautiful pictures. We got the snow here too! Was beautiful, have to say I am ready for spring though too!!

    Thanks for thinking of me on the motherhood!!

    Hope all is going well for you and your family!

  6. Wow! You definitely had quite a snowfall. I'm sure the kids are loving it :) My daughter usually does.

    Hope you're all keeping warm!

  7. Love the photos! Looks like our snow. Yummy pancakes.


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