the gift of love...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

As I was taking a run,

I noticed that all of the leaves on the trees I passed had started to wither and fall.
I assumed this to be the natural order of things:
the leaves grow;
they flourish;
and nature takes its toll until the leaves die, the branches fall, and the tree is barren.

when I came across several evergreen trees, its stability and consistency reminded me that some are not subject to the weathering forces around them.
This truth reminded me of our family.

Despite nature’s toll, we always manage to survive and find happiness.
That made me think, “Why is our family like an evergreen and not like the other faltering trees?” I realized that the reason why our leaves don’t fall is because of you.
No matter what, whether you are sad, tired or sick,
you are always willing to be there and encourage the family.

I guess it is ironic that on your birthday you are the one giving us the gift, and that gift is you.
I hope that this thank you reminds you how important you are to the family
and how much we love you.

(This letter was written by my 15yo as a birthday greeting for mom)

(Clipart photo credits from Microsoft Office)

This Christmas, just remember what the real meaning of Christmas is.
It’s all about love…love…and love…

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
Be nice when you're out shopping...

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  1. How fotunate I am to be blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. You have a way of making me appear so much better than I am. I love you. Mom/Grandma

  2. Hello Jen, saw you your link and checked our your blog. You have a nice lyrical writing style. Always lovely to see familar landscapes as well. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


  3. @Mom, we are really lucky to have you!
    @Soyon, what a nice surprise! Glad you love it...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too.

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