An Awesome Week - Hardwork Conquers all

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A week of family time, awards, medals, recognition and just an awesome week all together!

I have so many things to share but there’s just not enough time.

So hopefully a few words, pictures and videos can show you highlights of how hard work conquers all!

My 13yo teaches piano lessons to children age 7-12. His studio, KIDZZ Piano Studio, currently has 11 students including his younger brother. The toughest thing he has to do is to teach his own younger brother. (I had to be the referee in some cases). But with just four lessons, my 8yo was able to perform at today’s recital. At the recital, it was nice to hear my 13yo introduced my 8yo as:
“My next student looks just like me….It’s nice to have another brother I can play the piano and music with”.
My 13yo wrote in today’s program:
Teaching piano is one of the greatest things I have done. Watching the kids develop in their musical life is just fascinating.”
All children performed an amazing job. We held the recital in our Community Center’s auditorium. I’m so proud of them after hearing the children come to lessons every week.

My 13yo ran the show from beginning to the end. Before the distribution of ribbon, certificates and awards, my son paused and said,

“Before we continue, I would like to say thank you to my mom.”
Right then, I started crying. I kept gesturing him to stop. But of course he continued to speak and gave me the best award a mother can ever receive. (I didn’t stop crying - I was so happy that tears just kept pouring no matter how hard I tried to stop!)
Part of my 13yo’s studio’s mission is not only to teach kids how to enjoy music but also to make a difference no matter how small it is. All the children brought in canned goods to donate to our town’s Family Care Center.

Today’s events made me miss my parents and brothers more. They would have loved to witness their grandsons/nephews performed. I love music. Growing up in the Philippines, I remember my parents, my 5 brothers and I singing-along almost every week. I still remember during “brown-outs”, my Dad would play “boogie(piano) while we all danced and sang-a-long to the tune. And back then in the Philippines, it seemed like there were “brown-outs” and “black-outs” every week.

As my 8yo says, “It’s a HOT-a-ful day!” And it definitely was!

The colors of spring are just every where.

Today was one of the gorgeous spring-summery days we’ve had. Mom and Dad (my husband’s parents) arrived yesterday from Florida. We are all excited to have them back especially after Dad’s heart attack. It's tough on anyone to be away from their loved ones!

Earlier this morning, my 8yo and I participated in the school-sponsored one-mile Fun-Race. Every morning, my son and I walked to school (my son actually sprints to school while I try to catch-up and yelling, “Josh, wait for me!”).

Today, all that hard work paved off! As they announced my son’s name as the bronze medalist in his age category, my neighbors cheered “That kid has been running to school ever since we can remember! Hurray! Hurray!” Oh, I wished I can capture the pride in my son's face. He was shy yet proud of his achievement.
Being a parent is a tough but rewarding job. My husband and I try to keep the kids very busy. We think that's the only way to get them out of trouble. It's tough driving them around to events and rehearsals, but with kids having such busy schedule, they wouldn't have time to wander off.

There are more exciting events to share but I have to get to bed. We’re headed to a BatMitzvah tomorrow. We already missed the Friday and Saturday celebration which I heard were just beautiful! (I’m sure I’ll be sharing that by next wek..)
Hope you take some time in viewing the video I took of my 2 sons practicing for the recital.

Let me leave you with some quotes from the children on how they feel about music:
"Music means a lot to me. I love it when I just can play by heart.
Music is fun." - Jen (8)

"Music makes me happy." - Kathy (8)

"Music is exciting. Playing music is fun." - Marz (10)

"Music is great. Playing music really expresses my feelings. " - Meg (8)

"Music is my life. Playing music is my favorite thing to do. " - Kate (12)

"Music is fun. Playing music makes me feel good." - Lucy (9)

"Music is cool and exciting. " - Nicky (9)

"Music makes you special. Music is fun. " - Tim (9)

"Music to me is like a fascinating story." - Josh (8)

"Music is cool." - Lana (9)

"I like music when I learn a song and can play it through.
I feel a sense of accomplishment." - Joe (12)

Oh, what happened to FEW words? I guess when it comes to my children, there can never be just a few words!

Have a great week!
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  1. Oh, JenJen --that was just lovely! I'm sure you must be very proud of your kids. :)

    It's so wonderful that your 13yo is running his own studio, teaching piano to younger children.

    And Josh --you were great! :)

  2. Wow! Amazing stuff. What a blessing to have such focused driven children. Your 13 year old is much more together than me! You must be very proud indeed.

  3. I am so happy about the piano recital of Jonathon's students together w/ Josh. That reminds me of myself skipping classes just to attend my piano lesson w/ my Spanish teacher when I was on my 2nd. grade and was reprimanded by Ama. I had 2 recitals but had to stop continuing my piano lesson because my teacher left our town, and also we had no piano. I had to go to our relatives to practice.Remember when you and your Tita Zeny were taking piano lessons ..I also remember during my college days, everytime I heard someone playing one of my favorite piece, I stopped and listen to the end.Hearing piano musics makes me so relaxed. I can stay at home the whole day listening to piano musics
    I am so proud of Jonathon and Josh. Congratulations to both of them and espcially to you on your great job raising all your kids.
    Miss you a lot and take good care of your health
    love and prayers

  4. Aww, your kids sure are talented. I couldn't believe how well he played after only a few lessons in, Wow! I love the photos!

  5. I just loved the clip! They sound wonderful! What a sweet day. I would have been brought to tears as well :)

  6. That is amazing that your son teaches piano! You must be so proud of your children. I've always wanted to take piano lessons.

  7. I can't believe he has the patience to teach kids, while being a kid himself! I can't even bear to stay at the piano to practice 15 minutes a day! Kudos to your son! :-)

  8. Thank you all for the nice words about my crumbcatchers! I am definitely proud of them.

    Thank you all for visiting and I'm glad you all enjoyed the kids' mini-clip.


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