Identity lost - even at the library?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The economic downturn has re-introduced me to our local library!

As I try to check-out two books for me to read (Dean Koontz' Odd Hours and Jane Austen's Persuasion), the librarian informed me that I owe them $7.50 for missing CD's.

"Huh? You can borrow CDs from the library, too?"

"Wait a second, I didn't borrow any CDs"

The librarian insisted that I borrowed 4 CDs and that they are long overdue.

"How can this be? For 14 years, I've never borrowed books until last month, and now
you're telling me that someone got a hold of my library card identification number?"

However, the librarian insisted that according to their system, I definitely checked-out those CDs. She even commented that maybe one of my kids used my library card.

"Huh? My kids and library are just oil and water. And CDs? My kids are iTunes generation!"

Of course I insisted that it wasn't me and that someone has to get this confusion straightened out.

( Earlier that day, I was on the phone with Discover Card because I was receiving shipments to my house of merchandise I never ordered! This must be my April Fools present!)

So you see, this is the second identity theft. How can people be so vicious?

But the library? Why would anyone use someone else's library card?

Luckily, the manager browsed through the return envelopes and someone has returned the CDs but with no explanation. She waived the late fine and I got a new library card!

"Oh man! What a day!"

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