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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh man, I hate to make choices!

But every hour there’s always a choice to make.

Do I work out first or do I head to my computer right away?

Do I fold the laundry or do I start composing that poem that’s been in my head since I woke up?

Do I reconcile the statements or do I go over the list in my Google Reader?

What do you think I picked?
I think this whole creative process has given me an excuse to procrastinate.

My obsession has moved from cleaning and laundry to writing and reading.

From organizing kids closets to picasa-editing of my photographs.

And the mind – oh my! All this creativity has awaken a sleeping dragon of photo downloads!

Stop – did I just have a Paula Abdul moment? (lol)

What do you think I should tackle first?
Do I continue with my regular house work or do I bury myself in the world of Google, Tweeter and WORD processing?

What about completing the playbill for my 13yo’s piano studio recital next week?
(Yes, my 13yo has a piano studio – KIDZZ Piano Studio!)

Or completing the menu for my 8yo’s First Communion in two weeks?

Or getting all the clothes for the Batmizvah next week?

Or wait…what about my 17yo’s college applications? Don't I have to send in the acceptance notices?

Oh, shouldn’t I be preparing something for my daughter’s 20th birthday next month?

Yes, tomorrow – I’ll probably be asking the same thing.

Oh man! There seems to be not enough time in my day.
But I have all these jpeg images in my head that needs to be converted to words of wisdom, love and inspiration.

What am I to do?
Do I make a list?

I think I learned it in school or through my parents or maybe it was my honey?

I have this remarkable idea – but then what?

Do I follow through it?

Do I turn the idea into a business plan?

Do I talk it out to death?

Do I just blog about it?

Do I feed the seed so that one day, it’ll bloom into this amazing flower?
Do I just hope that I can just twitch my nose or wave a magic wand and voila!?


As I see my 13yo and 8yo building blocks earlier today, I smiled…

They planned on making something and guess what?

They accomplished it by actually acting on it – right away!

Maybe I just have to be a kid again and just PLAY…

...and play LUKSONG-tinik!

Ahh, yes.... Luksong-tinik! (Jumping over thorns!)

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  1. Im really into doing lists. You should try that.

  2. I do have a list -I just have to stick to the list. Thanks Tess.

  3. Yep have the same conversations with myself ALL the time!


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