when mom is sick...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I was in bed sick for the past three days.

As my husband and my kids noted,

“Mom’s staying in bed, she must be sick!”
“ Mom didn’t tidy-up the books and closed the TV armoire door? “
“Oh boy, mom is definitely sick. ”
And as my husband added,
You can tell Mom is sick - it's all in her sighs, face and posture!”
So the past few days, honey took care of the kids.

He got up earlier to get the boys (12th grade, 8th grade and 2nd grade) to school.
Our oldest daughter is in her second year in College. (She takes care of herself!)Anyway, in the morning…
he woke them up;
made their lunches;
gave the little ones their breakfast;
reminded them to brush their teeth;
drove them to school (no school bus in our town!)
And by 2:55pm, he had to pick them up from school;
Drive them to their after school engagements;
Made them quick dinners
And checked their homework.

On the second day (after driving all the kids to school), as my honey noticed a cup of coffee sitting on the kitchen counter, he commented:
I now know why you keep leaving a cup cold tea in the kitchen every morning!”

I smiled…

As he washed the dishes and tidied the kitchen,

I smiled…

As he checked my temperature and brought me my medicine and breakfast,

I smiled…

Later that day, our eight year-old came rushing to me (while I was laying on the couch)
My 8yo said,

“Dad, I was dehydrated! You forgot to pack my juice for lunch…”

I smiled…

“But I gave you Ensure”, honey replied.

“But that was for recess,” my 8yo answered.

I smiled…

“Mom, are you better now?” both honey and my 8yo asked.

I smiled…

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  1. We love to kid him about dinner and stuff, but it is wonderful to know that you can count on "honey" to get the job done when the chips are down. GOTTALOVEHONEY!!!! MOM

  2. Sounds like they did their best to help you get better! It is always nice to feel needed though :)


  3. Everyone helped out - with their hugs and kisses and of course, Honey's the best!

  4. Ali, thanks for stopping by...and it definitely feels good to be needed..


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