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Monday, April 06, 2009

Palm Sunday – we were blessed with a gorgeous spring weather.
It’s not windy like Saturday and it’s in the high 60s and sunny!

What a way to start the week.

Got to church, crowded, but my 2 boys and I managed to get a seat.
Sang along with the parish, and felt good in a GOOD way.
Holy week here in the US, just won’t be the same as that in the Philippines.

Palm Sunday in the Philippines is just heavenly –
During mass, little girls dressed in white waving palm leaves and
throwing flower petals while singing Halellujah.
You can just feel the overwhelming spirit of the Holy Week.


After church, my 8yo had a fabulous gymnastics party to go to.

I can head back home and start cleaning the house or I can join dh for a walk in the park.

I guess some mundane tasks just have to wait. Tomorrow may not be as sunny as today!

Dressed in Sunday’s best, I met dh at the park.

Wow! There were plenty of people enjoying this unusual warm spring day.

We walked for over an hour until my feet hurt because of my Sunday shoes.
But it was worth it, it was just lovely in the park.

Even the ducks and geese are dancing with joy!

Back at the house, the sun is still shining bright – just sinful to stay inside and do laundry!

As dh trims the trees and shrubs, my 8yo is busy playing with his scooter and doing his endless handstands ( Such determination in a child!)

Like father and son! Dh and my 8yo tried to outdo each other with their handstand showcase. DH of course beat my 8yo – but it was one fun afternoon.

Just remember when you feel like staying inside while its gorgeous outside:In an instant, the weather can change;
In a hearbeat, you might miss the day;
In the blink of an eye, the beauty can fade;
So choose to enjoy the moment!

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