Another Thursday Sweet Treat... I am

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's always a treat at Thursday Sweet Treat, but this week is super sweet because the artists at TST got their inspiration from the children's poems.

I am
the first beam of sunlight that marks a new path,
that starts slow and mild,
and step-by-step gathers strength,
as the clock ticks seconds, minutes and hours pass

I am
the radiant sunray that shines through the clouds,
that touches life as it shows the way,
and guides to persist
as the clouds cast the shadow in a day.

I am
the promise of hope,
the joy of being,
the feeling of success,
the grace of confidence as a new moment is cherished

I am
the warmth that oppresses rage,
the flame that can explode,
the rage that will infuriate,
the wrath that has to be contained as the darkness sneaks through the day.

I am
the promise of sunshine,
the escort of the rainbow,
the conductor of the sounds,
the love that shines through,
as the storm stops.

I am
to end the day,
to recharge and evaluate,
to introduce the bright moon,
as the bright stars wait to twinkle in the sky.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Phew! I'm so happy your blog is back again!!! There are awards awaiting you from my blog. Grab them!!!

  2. @Veronica - IE was giving me problems! Thank you for all the awards!

    @Tami - thank you =D


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