Summer Time!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Parade, concerts, graduation, lemonade and warm sunny weather - yes, summer is definitely here!

Just spent the entire weekend with the family – walking, running, bike riding (yes, I didn’t realize I know how to ride a bike!), swimming and getting sunburn (not good).

There are always a lot of things to do but when your child asks you to go bike riding or ride the scooter, you just have to be flexible and enjoy the moment with your child. I still remember the fun summer memories at my lolo and lola’s house in the province.

I remember complaining having to take siesta (afternoon nap) right after lunch. Now I wish I can take a nap! My cousins and I would be laying on a rattan mat and force ourselves to sleep – we just chatted until we fell asleep.

I remember the cold halo-halo ( Filipino fruit shake) , banana-q (sweet banana on a stick cooked with brown sugar) and bibingka ( Filipino pound cake) and just enjoying being a kid!

I remember swimming in the river and almost getting lost for a day with my cousins!

I remember riding the horse in the farm and picking different kinds of tropical fruits.
I remember just having fun being a kid!

As I look back, these memories do make me smile. I hope my children will remember the fun times we spent together, too.

What’s your most memorable summer childhood memory?

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  1. Hey just stopped over from MBC and subscribed to your blog. Hope you enjoy my party;)

    Blog ya later...

  2. Guess what? My husband is soooo into halo-halo that he makes a trip to Iceberg every time he's on a biz trip to Manila!

  3. I have so many memories. My fav was sitting on my gran'mas lap on 4th of July watching the fireworks my brother bought..him him yelling, Tamerina, these are all for YOU!
    My gran'ma holding me tight and kissing the top of my head.

    I wanted to tell you..I have something for ya over at my blog. come by and get it =)

  4. I remember the visits to my grandma's house and playing with all my cousins. Only a handful of them are now living in Malaysia, the rest had migrated to countries all over the world!!

  5. That was a great post, and now I'm craving for bibingka! LOL!!

    I remember we would visit our grandparents in Virginia in the summer. Even till this day, I get that same feeling walking through their front door. It's like "going home."

  6. You have such wonderful memories from your childhood!

    Probably my best memory is just leaving the house early in the morning and spending the day with friends (going to the park, riding bikes, going swimming) and then coming home when the streetlights came on!!!

  7. STOP IT! How can I keep on my diet when you're talking about bibingka and banana-q!? LOL! Mmmmm!

  8. My favorite summer memories involve riding my bike all over the neighborhood for hours and hours.

  9. I love all the smells of summer. Sun tan oil, the hot pavement, chlorine from the pool, the flowers. Takes you back to childhood and simpler times :o)

  10. Wow - lots of awesome summer memories!
    Have to excuse me ladies that I have no recent posts. Just been busy with kids and paperwork (and my eyes are bugging me !!)

  11. I loved swimming in our pool over the Summer and then laying our towels on the hot driveway to warm up and dry off. Ahhh...


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