Fun baking with my 8yo pastry chef

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My children just love to bake – thanks to both grandmas!

My 8yo’s favorite cookie recipe is Land O’Lakes’ BEST EVER BUTTER COOKIES

So yesterday while they’re at school, I made the dough. So that after school, my 8yo can finally bake his cookies again! (He’s been bugging me for weeks now..)

My 8yo knows where to get what he needs in order to bake his cookies.

He knows where to get the flour, chopping board, rolling pin and the step-stool so he can just bake-away

And he knows the instructions step by step.

You’ll notice that he loves to eat the dough.

and eat…

and eat…

My 13yo joined in the fun…

Someone will definitely have a stomach ache!

I just really love watching those little fingers at work...

Finally! A dough that made it to the cookie sheet!

Working on a another batch...

My 17yo walked in and said,
“This is the messiest I’ve seen this kitchen! Mom, are you okay?”

It’s another fun day with my children – one of the reasons why I am so grateful I get to stay at home with them!

Enjoy your cookies!

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  1. What fun! Those cookies sure look yummy too :o) Now I have to go find a cookie!

  2. Send some our way, please! Both J & Z will love them.

    It is fun baking with the kids, though I really dread having to clean up afterward. :)

  3. These look so tasty! Your 8 yo did an AWESOME JOB!

  4. Mmmmm... cookies. Seriously, my name is Cookie Monster today.

  5. Glad y'all enjoyed the cookies! Just don't eat the cookie-dough!
    That can give you a HUGE tummy ache!


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