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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The typewriter

Last week, I took my 13yo to our town’s community center to check out the Audio Visual room.
While waiting in the secretary’s office, my son noticed something that he has not seen in his 13 years.

“Mom, is that what they call the typewriter?”

“Yeah. Pretty cool, huh?”

“What happens when you make a mistake typing something?”

“Depending on the mistake. Sometimes you use white-out and if you’re lucky, there’s a ribbon that has a built-in white out.”

“But what if you had to re-organize your paragraph?”

“Well, then you have got to re-type the whole thing all over again.”

“Oh. That’s so awful! How did you ever finish your term paper?”

Addressing an envelope

My 13yo had to mail a letter to his confirmation sponsor. Mail a letter? How do you that?

“Mom, how do I mail a letter?”

“Here’s a Forever Stamp. Just put it in the right upper-hand corner of the envelope.”

“What do I write to address the letter?”

“Oh my goodness, you don’t know how to address a letter?”

“Mom, none of my generation ever mailed a letter – maybe in Kindergarten. Who does not use electronic mail, anyway?”

Of course, I had to show him how to write the return address. As I was about to write the name and address of the recipient of the letter, my 13yo had an epiphany.

Are there any other things that seem to be so obsolete in your children’s mind ?

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  1. Ohhhh, my god!!! I feel like a 100 year old...I have got to remember to teach my kids how to mail a letter!!

  2. I love this! We were telling our girls the other night how we would play outside at night until the streetlights came on...and then we better get home or we would hear our moms screaming our name through the neighborhood. They're comment...That would be so embarrassing! Why didn't she just call you on your cell phone??????? A different world, huh??:-)

  3. Wow. Don't think I'm looking forward to Lilith growing up. LOL I had to take a typewritting class in the 8th grade. And in my 8th and 9th grade English classes, we had to take this test on addressing an envelope and writting/formatting a letter. And we had to keep taking it until we got it right. Don't they do that anymore? If not, they should. Maybe it was just where I went to school?


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