Happy MAY

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Crazy day, it was. Heart-broken, spirits pinched, yet tomorrow brings new hope.
Shortcomings hold-you not. Be creative. Worries left behind.

Friday was a tough day for my boys, a lot of decisions made. When you've been teaching your kids to make decisions on their own, and when they finally decide on their own, do you worry?

Blizzard it was, determined you were. Hoisted the roof, scared the hell out of me!
Gazebo completed. Fun project accomplished.

My husband put this gazebo up on one stormy winter day.

Our eyes met, tickled my heart. Dreams of us together, made me laugh.
Want to make it official? We did!
Today is my 8yo's First Communion. And it 's just one gorgeous day.
Have a happy weekend everyone.

Thank you Natasha of Thursday Sweet Treat for the 20-word story inspiration!

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  1. Beautiful photos, esp. the one with the gazebo.

    Congrats (or whatever it is you say) on your son's First Communion. :)


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