Artistic Curiosity

Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeding our child’s curiosity is one of the uplifting jobs of a mother;
And today was just one of those moments.

Central Park is one of our favorites, I was going to take him to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where dh proposed) but today my 13yo and I explored a new adventure.

About 75 minutes away from our home is Hamilton, NJ’s Grounds for Sculpture , a 35 acre sculpture park dedicated to promote an understanding of modern art.

And what a treat! For the first time since this year’s spring-break, our adventure was blessed with warm, sunny and glorious day.

I guess you can say that we’re a very artistic family – we love music, arts, theatre and museums. We're always dancing, singing and putzing around.

Being raised in the Philippines (where most people sing and dance) and having married a fun-loving husband raised in Brooklyn – my kids are super into arts!

This day’s adventure started out by my driving-challenges. ( Of course, we got lost!)
But as soon as we got there – my 13yo was just amazed! The shapes, and enormity and the various of expressions of a vision were so inspirational. (The history behind the entire museum adds more to the beauty of the place!)

This is one of my favorites!

I love to dance and so does my son!

We dance around the house and so it's just but natural to dance around the park.

Two years ago, my husband took me to this park and how funny is it that…

Thirty years apart – and yet they both have the same sense of humor!

(Or maybe this sculpture truly brings out some eerie pain…)

There were those sculptures that made my 13yo think he can be an artist, too.

And those that just bring out the total fun and silliness in a child!

And a gateway to imagination that wows a child’s mind.

Life is art – colorful and vibrant;

And yet there are those whose meaning you’ll never understand;

The whole universe is your stage

Where you can be free to express

And roll down the hill with no inhibitions..

Admiring, enjoying, feeling grateful

For time spent with someone you love.

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  1. That's the kind of stuff we do all the time too!

  2. This looks like such an awesome place... and by the way, what great photos! This really is inspiring me to take my kids to MOMA like I've been wanting to do for a while now but haven't for some reason Thanks for posting.

  3. Oh honey, I am so happy that you and Jonathon had such a special day. Adventures and simple pleasures are the cement that strengthens and renews the foundation of our life.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful day.
    Love, Mom

  4. Mom, can't wait for you guys to be back ..BTW my mom and dad said HI

  5. Those pictures are wonderful. Brookster would love it there, anything outside.

  6. Awesome pics! Nice to see a fellow Filipino in the mommy blogging world. This is Cherrie of following you from the Follow Me Club.

  7. Amazing sculptures. My daughter is a ballet dancer so I love the dancer too. Thank you so much for tagging me. I loooooovvvve stuff like that:-)

  8. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day! :)

    Stopping by from MBC's Follow Me Club...I'm your newest follower! ;)

  9. wow! what a beautiful day! my family would love to go there, my husband is an artist and would truly enjoy himself! lucky! thanks for sharing and amazing pictures!

  10. Love all the pics! Next time you go visit someplace neat like this~~~ count us in!!!!

  11. I'm glad you guys stopped by and enjoyed the pics!
    We all have to go and visit it next time and have a fun picnic together!


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