Sometimes you have to let go...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost five years ago, my 2nd found an orange turtle, Spanky, wandering in our backyard.

So my son took in Spanky as his pet. For weeks, he made sure Spanky’s fed and warm.

But our youngest (about 3 then) didn’t know how to be gentle with Spanky so we had to talk to our 2nd son to let Spanky go.

It was heartbreaking but my 2nd decided to say good-bye. We set Spanky free and hoped that he’ll be fine.

It’s been five years now, and the kids still remember that day.

Of course they all feel bad, but they learned that

Sometimes, you have to let someone go …

(Craft project by my 2nd crumbcatcher)
As my kids get older,
Letting go is the toughest thing to do.
I know I can’t keep them in my arms,
I know I have to let them be.

I have four kids – all different in every aspect!
You have to love, guide and support them for who they are
And what they want to be.
So my 2nd might be going away to college next fall.
Being apart from him this spring break makes me miss him more.
But I know he loves me and misses me, too.

My 2nd is now 17.
His band, TPOM, will be featured at the Knitting Factory in NYC on May 16th.

Last December, a representative at Mainstage in Pompton Lakes, NJ, took advantage of these kids’ trust. They were told to perform. The kids paid for the advanced tickets but they never got to perform (Yuccks! We're still trying to get to the bottom of it and a learning experience for these four teenagers!)

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