My little princess, Happy Birthday

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There's nothing like celebrating my daughter's birthday...looking back

her playfulness

This day will always be Papa's unforgettable day!
(My Dad thought she was gone, not realizing she was sleeping next to her big stuff puppy.)

Oh, those endless dance recitals and competitions....

Daddy and daughter...

Daughter and Daddy...

We love to giggle (quietly)

She loves the beach...

An A plus student who works super hard....

My daughter and her bestfriend-boyfriend (a great guy!)

Dream BIG, and reach for the stars! Happy Birthday my little princess!

(See sidebar photos of her and her brothers!
Nicole's been a great sister to all three boys)
To read more about that special day 20 years ago - Click here.

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  1. She's beautiful and you two look very much alike! :) Have a wonderful, wonderful day --both of you. :)

  2. Aww, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!! The older my kids get the more bittersweet their birthdays become for me :o( I wish they could stay small forever!

  3. They grow up so fast. My sister is 18 and I am 13 years older than her. She is like a daughter to me and is so great to see her succeed in life! You just feel so proud of the individuals they have become!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. THank you for all your birthday wishes...and the compliments =D


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