My other mom

Monday, May 04, 2009

The luckiest ever!

You are "mom" every since - there was never an "in-law".
My mom is happy that I have you as a "mom".
You have a radar that picks up any emotion;
You know when we are feeling blue;
You know what makes us happy;
You’re always thinking of making our days fun and easy.

You can be in the same state or can be hundreds of miles away;
And yet it seems like you’re just next door.
Words can’t express the Love and appreciation we feel;
We’re the envy of our friends,
You give more than what you can,
You lend us all your senses,
Your heart accommodates us all.

We all feel at ease that we have a mom,a grandma, a friend –
Who never gets tired no matter what.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful mother –
My mom is happy that you're my other mom.
Thank you for all the help especially this week's First Communion celebration!

This week, the theme is "Mother's Love"

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  1. That's a great way to celebrate your other mom. Beautiful.

    I'm a new follwer and first time visitor from SITs! Hope you can join us at Blogalicious this year.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy you have a relationship like I do with my mother in law. I just wish she spoke english. It would make it so much better.

    Your psot today is wonderful, and touching!


  3. Honey,
    You can imagine my surprise when I clicked on to read today's post and saw our picture.
    You touched my heart and lifted my spirits.
    I love you too, my child.


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