Summer is here!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

School’s almost over and the weekends have been fun and hectic.
Summer is definitely here!

I love summer –
the sunshine,

the flowers,

the fruits,
the beach,
the lemonade,
the relaxing family time!

Getting up early to get the kids to school and the pressure of completing homework or a project is over;
The past few summers, I scheduled summer activities - gymnastics, piano, TaeKwon-dp, musicals or theatre for the kids. But this summer, nothing is structured. Just like what it was in the past.
Am I going to be pulling my hair out after a few weeks or will this be a totally awesome change?

Children grow so fast and summers will just be some relaxing time for me to enjoy them grow.

What are your plans for the summer?

(Thank you Ate Maiet for sharing the colors of happiness...)

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  1. that you in the first pick lookin all tiny and adorable??? :)
    Yes, summer is meant for sittin back and doing some spontaneous activities. I think you will some freedom from structure!!!
    We may go upnorth in MI to Northport, near Traverse City...very pretty, lots to do!

  2. Unfortunately, our plans always involve being inside! :-( There's really no way to stay comfortable outside in the 115+ degree heat. LOL! When we go swimming, we have to wait until the sun goes down, that way, when it's cooler by five degrees, at least the sun isn't beating down on you!

  3. I can't wait for summer! relaxation, no homework,no stress, but PLENTY TO DO!

  4. @BrnEyedGal - yup! That's me.. I just love being outside and being a kid!
    @Jennifer - hope it does not get way too hot this summer ...stay cool,though.
    @Alicia - relax-away! It's only 2 months before school starts again..
    @Tami - you're back!!I missed you..and do enjoy the craziness of summertime!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love that you are going to relax this summer. I hope to find time to do that as well. You are correct, kids grow way to fast.

    Have a great week.

  6. Hooray for relaxation!

    You have been tagged for a fun meme!

  7. For us, it's summer all year round!

  8. Soaking up some sunshine before it goes away again - I need that solar power in order to make it through the long winters! Hope you enjoy yours...

  9. I looooove that summer is really here now! Today Robert started his summer camp and he is thrilled!

  10. For us, we are planning some volunteer work, visiting with friends and family, and some travel with my hubby.
    Lots of relaxation too!

  11. Yes! Not having to worry about
    "the pressure of completing
    homework" for my son.

    I will be able to really focus
    on my projects.

    My daughter (who is a rising senior
    in college) just picked up a few
    more hours on her part-time job.
    And my son (who is a rising senior
    in high school) will be working
    full-time for 6 weeks. He's got big
    plans for his earnings. :~)

    I'm sure we'll find some fun places
    to visit this summer.

  12. We're off to Canada again for the summer --can't wait! Summers here are hot and VERY humid, so it'd be good to get away for a bit.

  13. Hi Jen!
    I don't do well without structure, but never plan ahead enough to really get a summer plan. This year, though, I started making a list of all the things I wanted to do with the kids (stuff I discussed with them) this summer, made a schedule for my writing (and even found a quiet place away from home to do it!) and am planning an annual end of summer getaway with my sister and her kids to Universal in Orlando. Should make those 9 weeks fly! ;0) I'm also looking forward to no more tardies for my son who is quite morning-challenged! ;0)

  14. Well now that I will be home three days a week there will be a lot more time for going to the park for lunch, trips to the zoo and library. I also need to figure out where we will go for vacation this summer. I would like to go back to Washington DC. The older three were 8, 5 and 1 when we went last time so I think they would be able to experience a lot more this time.

  15. It looks like we're all relaxing and having some fun this summer!
    Thanks for sharing, everyone =D
    Keep smiling..


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