Feel good? You betcha!

Monday, May 11, 2009

There’s just so much beauty in the world that we can’t feel bad.

Just let your imagination go wild.

Hold on to your dreams – make the world a better place.

Sure there are hurdles – or more like an obstacle course (sometimes)

But that’s just an evidence that we are strong and powerful.

Yes, it can be overwhelming at times –
but that should just empower you instead of drag you down.

Just got back from my 30 minute of “zen-walk” with my honey…and it’s just invigorating that I just wanted to share the moment with all of you.

Now, I have to get my body in shape (all those cakes and steak just added a few love-handles)

And do some Hip-hop Abs!

Wanna join me in making this day a beginning of a more-fit and jollier moment of our lives?

See what the park looked like 3 months ago - Click on this post Live, Laugh, Love, Be Inspired

A blogger-friend, Veronica Lee of "Of Mice and RaMen" just gave me a good-morning special treat, One Lovely Blog Award (see side-bar) - the week is definitely off to a good start!

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Photos taken today - just around the corner from my house . I just feel so blessed!

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  1. You are just awesome!!! I'm feeling the same way these days. Saturday night, we went to the beach for dinner and the sunset. I just kept snapping photos as if it was the first time I'd seen such beauty when I see it all the time. Thanks for sharing...I'm off to exercise, too!:-)

  2. those were wonderful shots and really tempting. I should find something like that around me here. It would be worth walking or biking on. thanks for sharing them!!

  3. Beathtakingly gorgeous pictures! The power of the beauty of nature and our earth.

  4. Gorgeous photos - very inspirational!

  5. Thank you all for visiting and sharing your thoughts.. I hope you can share the love and ZENWALK with me someday!

    Keep smiling =D


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