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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Friday morning, my last entry was describing how gorgeous the day was! I guess in a way, it still ended gorgeous in spite of the car accident my two young sons and I were involved in.

One rainy Friday night – a driver did not see our car and hit the right side of our car as he was pulling out of the Gasport. It was one of the scariest moments in my life! I was so scared for my two sons. The thought that they could have gotten hurt flashed in my mind as I tried to steer the car back to the right lane.

At that moment, all I can think of was “what-ifs”. I trembled and cried – and I cried! I had to call my husband to come over and call the police and to make sure that I can drive the car and the boys back home. Luckily, the other driver was a nice 67-year old man that stopped and made sure that we were fine.

As soon as we got home, I hugged my youngest really tight and then my older child. (Of course I hugged my husband and daughter, too). I was worried for both of them but particularly for my youngest one because he was on the side of the car where the driver hit the most- and his surprise birthday party is the next day – Saturday! I would have hated him NOT to have had his birthday party. I would have hated him to think that I totally took his birthday for granted.

As I hugged him again few hours later, he gave me his usual tight hug and said,
"Don't worry, mom, it's another thing to blog about."

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