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Friday, March 06, 2009

Growing up, my parents instilled in my (5) brothers and I the value of being together, spending time with each other and creating memories and family tradition. My husband’s family is also big on “togetherness” – no matter how big or small the venue is!

For twelve years now, my husband and I take the kids off from school for a week. It probably sounds like I don’t value education. Far from it! Luckily, my kids are great students. I also believe that they learn so much from all the adventures and experiences they get from all the vacations and/or trips that we’ve taken them.

Although I never thought a yearly trip to a ski resort is one of them!

Being born in the Philippines, my body just never got accustomed to the cold, freezing weather. It’s ironic that we leave New Jersey in the middle of winter to go away and be in a colder weather.

The first two years of our ski trip were brutal! Talking about freezing – below zero temperature!

As I learned from my mother, sometimes as a mother and a wife, I have to do things that are not necessarily fun for me. I just have to be part of it because the family enjoys it and most importantly, the husband eagerly planned-out something special in his mind that the entire family will totally cherish.

But can you imagine a 32-year old Filipino “ewok skiing? My husband loves skiing and wanted our children to experience the fun of skiing, too. So 12 years ago, I actually put on those heavy ski boots! The kids loved it but I was scared to death - I even broke my tailbone on the 2nd year that we went skiing. But I kept pushing myself because my husband and kids believe that I can do it!

Every year, we go to Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont. You can say it’s a 12-year tradition.

It’s a special place where
the skies are blue,
the trees are covered with snow.

It’s a special place where
you can smell the fresh air,
you can forget any anxieties.

It’s a special place where
Old fashion charm still exists
And the sun shines
And its radiance bounces to the
brilliant white powder that wraps the mountain. (That's why face sunblock is a must!)

It’s a special place where
The kids learned the wedge, the pizza and the duck walk;
Kid-friendly ski instructors who are stoked
With the news of six to ten inches of snow!

It’s a special place where
the kids jump up in the air, ski in the woods,
Meet new friends from beginner’s level
to intermediate and advanced skier.

It’s a special place where
Families ski the green trails
the blue and most of them (not me)
the black diamonds , double and even triple!

It’s a special place where
We laughed, we cried, and
we Ben-and-Jerry’d;
It’s a special place where
We all temporarily press the pause button
To a very hectic school-work-growing-up routine;
It’s a special place that Daddy made into a tradition!

Luckily, we figured out a way to keep the spending low and stayed in the budget.
We only rented on the days we actually ski,
We didn’t go to the restaurant to eat,
We shopped at the town’s grocery store,
We bought what we need and NOT what we want.

The kids are great, they didn’t even complain!

Today, I’m glad I skied! It was just so peaceful, serene and just beautiful up there.
I love hearing the boys’ laughing out loud as they race downhill – all four of them!
I’m so lucky that my husband introduced me and my kids to skiing!
I wish that our entire family can experience our winter tradition, too.
With all the sore-bones, anxiety and anticipation, three things are evident:

My body remembers the reflexes of skiing,
My brain remembers the pain of falling.
My heart remembers the joys of being with the family.
(We all miss our Nicole who couldn't come because if midterms/college).

Photographs by Jen2 (2009)

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